Music Mondays: Alabama Shakes

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While listening to NPR one evening I was blown away by Alabama Shakes. The group of four are a mix of blues, funk, soul, and it just works. Their debut album, Boys and Girls is just phenomenal. If you are looking for that new sound give a listen.

While I am digging the whole album, so far my favorites are

Hold on, the first song from the album brings to mind Janis Joplin. Lead singer Brittany Howard has a voice that just commands your attention and holds on. From out of nowhere she starts singing with a deep gutsy sound.

The instruments are loud, thumping and full of an energy that is in perfect sync with each note Brittany utters.

You Ain’t Alone

This song reminds me of late summer nights, my mom and dad playing records and my sister and I laying at the top of the steps listening to the party below.
The whole album has a retro vibe that sounds familiar but

Girls and Boys

Run out and grab their album.
You’re welcome.


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