Monday Listicle: Ten Things for Autumn

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Yes, yes y’all.
I am aware that it is Sunday but so what.
I wanted to join in on Stasha’s Listicle, cause, well, I like a list, was trolling Pinterest and saw some cool things and there is nothing like a creating a list that makes procrastination seem cool.


Here a ten yarnthings that I am going to conquer for fall.

1. Angry Bird Hat

Do people still like Angry Birds?
Whether they do or don’t I can’t wait to start this sucker!

2. Legwarmers

The Bee has to wear a uniform to school and there has been some debate about covering her legs. (Aside…Catholics: Why must girls go bare legged? What is the deal?)
Anyhoodle, I thought if I make her a pair in her school colors she would be inclined to wear them

Or maybe I am channeling being a steel towned girl on a Saturday night?

3. This hat

Source: via Rachée on Pinterest

Yes, another hat.
This one is gorgeous!
I could be all into the roses and such but I am really digging designer Heidi May’s products and think I will get this pattern to add to the mix.

4. A cowl
(I totally thought about Batman!)

Source: via Josie on Pinterest

I haven’t knitted anything in a while and think I should jump back in with this! I love the color, the stitch and how cozy this looks.

5. Fingerless Gloves

How awesome are these mummy gloves?
Really, how awesome is Twinkie Chan?

6. Socks

This is the year that I am going to tackle socks. They may not be pretty but dammit I’m going for it!
In an unrelated sentence, I am going to visit my sister and her yarn, er, my sister.

7. A wrap

The wrap I completed last week is lovely but I really wanted to wear it like Vickie rocks hers. Since the wrap is short, I’m going to give Vickie’s pattern a go.

(I have huge buttons instead of clasps!)

8. Pillows

I love pillows (I have about four on my bed alone!) and have wanted to make some for around the house. These pattens are for smaller letters bu so what? I’ll adjust the yarn and hook and go for it!

9. Amigurami

My cousin has been after me to make her an Amazon since, well, it’s been a while. My inner geek thinks I should make her a Wookie or a Vader.

10. And the CAL

Source: via Rachée on Pinterest

Although, I am having a time with this scarf! Sigh!
I got some beautiful yarn at a new yarn shop (review Tuesday!) and am not digging it for this pattern. I started the gloves from the CAL. We’ll see.

What ten things are you getting into for autumn?
Leave a comment! Until then I’ll be…

…getting all tangled,


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