Monday Listicles: Girl, You Got it Going On!

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So, this week Stasha is asking us to share ten compliments for Monday Listicles. Compliments are hard. Despite my boasts that “I am Rachee, hear me roar!” there is a small huge part of me that just likes to pick, pick, pick at my soul and dump all over myself. (Shocker, isn’t it!).

Anywho, here are ten compliments that I’ve heard that make me want to high five myself, give the mommy look of death or have me grinning from ear to ear. Or all three.

1) You have twelve year old! When did you have her, like when you were ten? This was mentioned to me on more than one occasion at work.

Part of this vanity complaint (I made that term up) stems from that part of me that *knows* this is a compliment but gets my butt on my back. Why I gotta be a child bride? What, all Black women are running around having recreational sex at young ages. (I told y’all I have issues)

2) Hey girl! Come on over here and let’s have lunch. I can make you lunch. Said by my mom’s weird neighbor who may or may not be blind.

Why yes sir, I have never spoken to you, you have never spoken to me but of course I will totally enter your house, ALONE, and have lunch. And besides, it will be yum! But think on this, have we met? Cause if you know any, ANYTHING about me, you will know that Rachee does not eat out of every body’s house.

3) Miss Rachee you are the best reader of books to us children. Whispered in my ear by a three year old after storytime.

These are the things that more than make up for the mom that came in here trying to get me fired, the kids that just trash my room or the people who think this is a daycare.

4) OoooWeeee! That booty is poppin’! Yelled by some dude driving by as I was getting out of the car.

I’m on the fence on this one. My booty is far from poppin’! but it was nice to hear it. Part of me feels suspicious of catcalls. I am *not* a cat call type of gal. I’m more like catcall gal’s kinda hot if she did more with herself friend. (I DO have a great personality.) I suppose I should object to being objectified but I’m old and well. I’ll allow it.

5) You’re a cool mom! Said to me by The Bee after we went to a concert last summer.

Yup. I was the world’s bestest mother as we saw Selena Gomez, ALL STAR WEEKEND and The Bee attended her first concert. I have since been a cool mom when I showed her how to add her YouTube videos to a blog post (and center them) and when we attended The Digital Family Summit.

6) Rachee, you’re awesome! e-mailed to me by a friend who I helped out with a social media thing.
I felt like I could have done more but he was all, “Nope! This was cool.”
*pops collar*

7) You came up with this idea/program/thing? That’s so cool! Asked by a co-worker or patron after we’ve had an amazing library program.

Another fencer. Because I’m crazy, I always think this compliment is really questioning me about my abilities.
Despite the awesome I bring I still have doubts that the awesome is, well awesome.
I know, right?
It’s not easy being me (and by this I mean insane).

8) You are beautiful. Told to me by Effin Guy

Despite our thing (we’re kinda offish at the moment) he is my biggest fan. He made makes me feel like I am the all. But, I have a hard time believing this. You know, a life of self abusive thought can’t be shook in two years but he does make it easier to want to believe it.

9) You look so nice today! Exclaimed when I am wearing something other than jeans and a tee.

I dig it. I do tend to look like a slob (yes, I said it) and was using the excuse that “I work with children” as a reason to dress (way, way) down. But after wearing some nicer clothes, feeling good in said clothes and just being approached differently means that I can still wear my jeans and tee but perhaps with a jacket?

10) Your desk is so neat! You’re not leaving us are you? Uttered with overwhelming excitement, then panic upon viewing my desk being ale to be worked upon.

My desk is like the landing zone for any and everything. Idea from Pinterest? throw it on a pile! Books to review? Pile it! Papers, craft ideas, etc file it? Nah! Stack it up into a pile!
The Bee and I used to visit a friend’s library and her desk was always a mess. I would swear  vow, promise that my desk would never look like hers but a day where I have to rush out, and another day when someone asks me for something last minute (cause, like library emergencies d exist) and my desk looks like I was in the middle of something and kidnapped.
I’m digging the clean and kinda scared to use my desk. And we won’t even talk about where the mess actually is.

Now then. That’s my ten.
What are your compliments?
Snark filled or lovely?

I will leave you on this lovely note…Thank you for taking the time to read!


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