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Once again Kerry from 2 to go is the inspiration for Monday Listicles (on Sunday…whatevs). I am not a fan of PDA but I have had a few times in my life when I said “Let them eat cake” and puckered up.

So. Ten places I smooched:

1. Outside of a movie theater.
The first date Effin Guy and I went on started off with me thinking we were gonna talk shop and ended with an awful movie. Right before I got in my car we did the hug thing, the chit chat thing and then he kissed me.
Driving home was a mix of giddy, did that happen and whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?

2. At the casino
Recently Effin Guy and I did our best “Rounders” imitation and went to the casino last week. It was fun and as we marveled at free drinks, the soft ka-ching of slot machines and the feisty attitudes of old ladies it was the perfect time to smooch.

3. At Citizen’s Park
Last summer The Bee and I attended a baseball game together. She was so excited about the park (I was too; it’s something about the magic of baseball that even had me route-route-routing for the home team) and she leaned over and hugged me and gave me a kiss as we watched someone hit a ball.

4. The middle of Effin Comics, Effin Guy’s store.
That’s right. Effin Guy likes to steal kisses in his store. So we have smooched next to The TARDIS, a rack of tee shirts, his little office and at the register when he is supposed to be ringing me up.
There will be a walking tour if anyone is interested.

5. Home
The day I moved I was freaked. Being an adult is such hard work!
Seriously, I just freaked! For all of my life I lived with someone and now all of a sudden I was on my own…with a kid to boot! Those awful fears started creeping into my head…What was I going to do? HOW was I going to do it? What the heck were we going to have for dinner? After picking up the The Bee from school one afternoon we were curled up on the couch and I was hearing all kinds of (imaginary) sounds in the silence as I thought about dinner and I voiced my concerns aloud. The Bee reached over and kissed my hand and told me not to worry that our house was going to be “fun”.

6. The day The Bee was born.
It was a hella long sleepless 36 hours and I remember thinking please, please, please let this be over so I can watch TV (priorities). With three pushes the doctor was handing me this loud squirming person. The Dad gave me a kiss and so did my sister (!) who had weaseled her way into the delivery room to see “the miracle of life.” Note: The nurse offered me a mirror to also see said miracle and I was like…no ma’am. I’m good

7. When my mom was sick and we all thought she was going to die.
(Dramatic but true)
When my mom was being misdiagnosed at one hospital that I will not mention but those who know me KNOW not to take me there, I was so scared and not sure what to think, to do, how to act. One night in between my mom screaming for security to come save her and her claims that she was actually dead and we were lying to her spirit, she leaned over, lucid for a few moments, and said I was doing a good job raising The Bee and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

8. Work.
One day I was saying good bye to one of my families when I asked for some “hugabugs”. One of the preschoolers came over and gave me a big wet kiss of the cheek. It was a gummy, gooey kiss that may or may not have had cookies crumbs mixed in but totally unsolicited and made my day.

9. Again at work
Way back when I worked at a hospital I had this major crush on one of the residents which turned into lots and lots of flirting, blushing (me) and red faces (me again. What. Black people blush). Anywho, this one day I was minding my business, reading a book, he asked what I was reading and before I could answer…SMACK!

Shhhh! Don’t tell.

10. Behind a bakery.
The rest of this tale is not to be shared.

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