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This week Stasha is asking us for ten acronyms that we use all of the time.
It seems strange that in such a short period of time our society has become so busy that we are trying to cram thoughts into 140 characters, texting instead of calling. I don’t dislike it but there are times I wish I don’t have to have a translation to comminucate.

Sheesh! I sound like an old lady. Next I’ll be telling you all to “Get awf mah lawn!” while shaking a fist.


Here I go:
1. HCIC: Head Chick in Charge
Whenever I am in charge at work I like to flaunt my status as the go to lady.

2. LOL: Laugh out loud.
My kid always gets mad because I say “lol” instead of “ell oh ell.”
2b. COL: Chuckle out loud.
Sometimes I don’t laugh but I do chuckle.

3. DQ: Drama Queen
There are some DQs and DK (Drama Kings) amongst the people I know.

4. QC: Quality Crap
My former library would say the little giveaways that you get from conferences, prizes from summer reading and the like fall into two categories: quality crap (things that cost over a dollar) or crap crap (things that you get a bunch of for a dollar). She has since changed that Fabulous Junk and Junk Junk. FB doesn’t quite have the same ring as QC hence I am shopping for QC to fill my summer reading larter.

5. OMG! Oh Mah Gah!
Even though I am not the most religious woman I find taking the lord’s name in vain a tad uncomfortable. Someone on Twitter wrote ohmahgah and I swooned. I can still OMG but inside I know I am not being a heathen.

6. IKR: I Know, Right!?
This is used when I am amazed at foolishness, when I am amazed that people act like people, when sometihing amazing happens.

7. YP not MP: Your Problem not My Problem
I’m typically an easy going gal (ha!) but when folks try and draw me in their anxiety and drama I’ve got to pull out the big guns. These are reserved for people who are wont to procrastinate (but not in a good way like I do) and act like its my fault.
7a PP a personal problem
THis is reserved for my teen who is always, always, always being, well a teen.

8. WTF: What the [Beep]
Since I have become Facebook friends with my mom I have to tone it down a bit. We are not Twitter friends (please don’t get on Twitter!) so I can let loose BUT I am stingy with my twitter characters and instead of typing out what the [BEEP] I can use WTF or her not quite as outraged but equally annoyed cousin WTH!?

9. PITA: Pain in the ass
I cuss and then I think I sound classless and cheap so I make little cutesy ways of covering it. I have begun adding PITA Pocket cause that sounds like a term of endearment even though it is really me being mean.

10. IDK: I don’t know
There was an AT&T commercial where a mom is getting on her daughter for texting and I always liked the line, “IDK…my BFF Jill?”
And my family, because we are my family, took that line and ran with it.
I particularly like it when I am asked a question that is so silly that no other answer will suffice.

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