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Happy Monday Y’all!
It’s Guy Fawkes Day, gonna read some Alan Moore later and work on fighting the man!
And by fighting the man I mean I am going to eat some chips.

So, can we talk for a moment about how Monday Listicles is my new favorite thing? Each week Stasha comes up with a topic for a list that may or may not be something I want to write about BUT it causes me a moment to talk about me (RDRR) as well as come up with new and exciting things to share. This week we are talking ten not so distant memories.

Let’s go.
Monday Listicles remind of

1. That time I was all excited about starting a business.
I still am and want y’all to know that I will happily make a crocheted yarn thing for you! So check out some of my work here and here and then e-mail me and we can chat!

2. That time Effin Guy and I had a *fight, broke up, got back together* (Repeat from * twice).
Yes. After a lovely weekend of hanging, dinner, comics and canoodling, we are inching slooowly back to together. (I know, I know…that poor man. But he brings me coffee and makes me smile and I bring him pizza and really make him smile…TMI?)

3. That time I said I was going to start wearing more than jeans to work.
Well, the jeans have made a furious comeback but I did wear skirts twice last week. I really do need to shop and purge my closet because closet lotto is just a losing game these days. Not to get all, “I’m fat, wah, wah” but I nothing is fitting like my jeans are fitting and well, I go with what works.

4. That time I said I wanted to do a split.
Does falling into a split because you tripped over the cat count? I hope so, cause Ow!

5. That time I said The Bee was like Linda Blair.
There is still some “she’s gonna spit pea soup moments” but they are not quite as intense. I swear I have a new child since she got her hair done! Lesson: my tween likes to look cute and cute for her cannot be defined by me.

6. That time I said I wasn’t going to over schedule myself at work.
Guess who added two new groups to her calendar?
You all have my permission to ignore my bitching.
Although this leads me to ask…”Why am I so damn good at what I do?”

7. That time I was crushing on Simon Pegg.
He’s been replaced by Joseph Gordon Levitt, aka Third Rock. I know. I am way too old to be crushing on some kid but he’s just Rrrrrrrr!

8. That I said I was going to get up and exercise, have me time in the morning?
What had happened was my Lil likes to cuddle and well, she weighs about 11 pounds now and lays on my feet thus making it difficult to get up in the morning.
(That is my story and I am sticking to it!)

9. That time I felt like my mom.
Last week I was singing a One Direction song (don’t judge me) and The Bee said, “Mom! That’s One Direction” only I thought she was talking about the street we were on and replied, “No, we can drive this way. It’s two directions.”

That withering look you’re sporting? Yeah, The Bee gave me that and more.

10. That I am a lucky person.
Last week there was a massive hurricane that caused damage, destruction and a whole heap of problems. Not only did I escape damage, my family was safe AND I still got paid for missing work!
Seriously, I do not count my blessings as often as I should. Here, I take a moment to.


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