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Hi All!

Week two of The Blogger Connection Crafters and instead of sharing a yarn thing (they will come; I promise!) I thought I would once again share what we did at my library. We were scheduled to show Madagascar 3 and Afro Circus pops into my head when I think of the movie so I thought, why not have a circus themed storytime? I hit pinterest, searched the web and this is what I cam up with to turn the library into a three ring circus!

Curious George at the Circus based on characters from H.A. and Margaret Rey
JoJo’s Circus Clown School
My Mother’s Secret Life by Rebecca Emberley.


Clown Training

Children could juggle scarves or bean bags or perform silly tricks.
I showed the children my “skills” but also allowed the bags or scarves to fall so that they know juggling takes loads of practice.
We also performed the A Tootie Ta song to prepare them for the silliness that comes with being a clown.

Make a clown hat:

Using a template from Palette children could make a cone shaped hat, bowler or top hat.
We used card stock to make the hats sturdier and had feathers and foam shapes along with crayons for decorating.

Tight rope walk

We put a strip of masking tape on the floor and challenged children to walk the tight rope. They could go forward, backwards, hop on one foot or with their eyes closed.
They were encouraged not to hit the “safety” cones.

Animal Training

A variety of stuffed animals were available for the children to play with. We had traditional circus animals: a lion, dogs, bear and some nontraditional animals: turtle, pig, cow.

Strong Man competition

We had fake mustaches for the children to cut out (got to practice those cutting skills) and they could show their strength by lifting a 1,000,000 pound weight.
The weight was made out of baby wipe containers, a card board tube and black construction paper.

The age range was for preschoolers and they seemed to have had a blast. It was fun watching them all listen to the stories and their excitement at playing circus.

See the video of events as shot by my fabulous co-worker, Abbe.

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