#MondayListicles Puts a Smile on My Face

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This week for Monday Listicles Wendy from Stamping rules calls the topic: 10 tiny (or secret) things that bring you joy.

I like this list. I have found myself being such a raging bitch cranky lately that I need to start sending some good Karma out into the world. Dig what I’m planting?


Here are ten things that bring me joy

1. That first sip of coffee in the morning.
Not that I need coffee but there is something about the first sip that allows everything to be OK.

2.  Effin Guy calling me “Cutie.”
I don’t know why but something about his “Cutie” makes me grin like a fool.

3. The Bee reading without me prompting.
Just when I worry (shocker) that I am not doing enough for my child’s educational growth and that I should be playing the tween equivalent to Baby Einstein my worries will be for nought when she comes into the room carrying her book and discusses some plot point with me.

4. Mom calling me to discuss Scandal.
I know I get on my mom’s desire to discuss Beyonce and Jay-Z and Ree-hahnna (how she pronounces it) but there is something that makes me look forward to that call on Friday afternoon when we can talk about Olivia and company.

5. Pandora Radio
It’s either a Broadway stage or 1987 in my car as I belt along with Journey, Phantom or Les Miz.

6. Utz Pretzel sticks.
They have the right crunch, the perfect saltiness and I can pretend that I am a fancy shmancy gangster’s moll carrying one of those long cigarettes.

7. Re-tweets.
I *think* I am a decent writer and know that I have a few friends who will support and retweet. Lately people have been retweeting me and commenting and…I don’t know them! They read what I write for real!

8.  The way my bra fits.
Yes, TMI but ever since I have started wearing a bra that fits (Thank you Barely There!), honey, it’s like a party on my chest and everyone is invited. The girls are perky, symmetrical and my clothes fit differently.
I feel like singing that song from A Chorus Line (Dance 10, Looks 3).

9. My Lil curling up next to me.
Lil is a crazy cat, racing from room to room however she will calm down and cuddle up next to me and allow a few seconds of petting.

10. Sweetart Hearts
Hell. Sweetart anything. I’m on the lookout for the Easter variety but there is something about the sweet and tart taste of a sweetart candy that makes me make the ugliest face as I crave more…yum!

What things are bringing you joy this week?
let me know!


I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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