Monday Musings: She’s Nine

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She’s nine.
She’s not a Lindsey who is an adult and, should, know better.

She’s not a Kardashian who made it big with an infamous sex tape therefore creating a brand: sex.
She’s not a Janet who consciously shed her “little sister” image by posing suggestively on her new album.
She’s a nine year old little girl who likes puppy purses, insists you say her name correctly and has became the butt of a tasteless Onion joke.

On a night when we celebrate talent, when Quvenzhané Wallis was acknowledged for her role as the lead in a major motion picture, someone from The Onion thought it funny to associate her with a hurtful, nasty slur. 

“It’s satire! That’s what they do!” was the response I got when I expressed my outrage. 

Should I smile politely the next time I’m called “gal?”
Should I bow my head when I am being challenged in that way that condescends?
Should I tell my tween that it’s OK and just satire when the kids at her school ask yet another of the seemingly endless ignorant questions about being Black?

Source: via Rachée Fagg on Pinterest

The message is out there.
Be proud!

Own it!
Hold your head high…unless you’re a little girl of color. Then there’s an addendum. Be these things but…don’t be too cocky. Don’t be too sure of yourself. Don’t do anything that will make you stand out.
You don’t want to be the angry black woman. The sassy friend.

She’s nine.
And she should be proud. Proud of her confidence. Sure of herself. happy that she is loved, respected and should know that we are going to support her and all of our Black girls.

Congratulations, Quvenzhané!
You go girl.


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