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It’s Monday and I’m actually doing a Listicle! *does happy dance*


This week’s Monday Listicle prompt is from Julia who writes the blog Mom on the Run x2 and she wants to know what beauty products we cannot live without.

1. Lipstick despite my plain, dry lips. There is nothing like a little color which inevitably slides off by 10AM or the end of my first coffee. 

2. A body slimmer. Cause in addition to My Lovely Lady Humps there are also lots of bumps.

3. Hair Remover. Aunt Bunny is coming to get you…



4. Lotion There is nothing worse than looking as if you walked through flour while wearing sandals.

5. Toothpaste. I’ve got to keep the smile looking lovely!

6. Makari. The products I use on my face is the difference from Damn! to Dayum! They cost some coin but my skin glowed.

7. Olay deodorant. It really does keep those shaving bumps to a minimum. And helps me to not be fragrant. 

8. Technogel pillow. I won one during a Twitter party and oh baby is this thing comfortable! I had to reclaim it from my child and hide it from my cat (yes, I *am* the cat lady) but when I crawl into bed at night and my head hits the pillow…oh yeah!

9. Bath and Bodyworks Vanilla Jasmine products. The shower gel and body spray is that stuff. Fragrant, lovely smelling and oh so wonderful!

10. Mango and Lime loc gel. People think natural hair is easy to maintain. They are wrong.


What are your go to beauty treatments?

Let me know!



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