Monday Musings: Tomorrow Never Comes

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The Bee and Dill started track practice and instead of freezing my tail off (it’s still kinda cool and the track is hella windy!), sitting in the car reading (DST started and its lighter later) or (my favorite) sliding off to steal some time with Effin Guy, I’ve decided to lace up my sneakers and join them as they make the circuits around the track. Hell, my kid has asthma and if SHE can run I know my lazy butt can at least walk.

We tried to encourage Pop to join us but she declined. I’m going to keep working on her. It’s not that I think she needs to lose weight; I do think that at sixteen she needs to realize that she won’t always be sixteen and that the habits she establish NOW will pay off in the long run.

When Buffy and I were her age and younger we suffered from horrible always at CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) asthma. My mom was scared that we were destined to pass out and discouraged us from any type of sport. We used to always get F’s in gym. Mr Pugh, the gym teacher from our elementary school, would try to push us but we “had asthma” and didn’t do much. As a middle schooler the gym teacher, Ms. Jackson, wasn’t really having any of that and voluntold us to participate more during gym classes. One of the parents started an aerobics class and Buffy, a few other girls and myself would meet after school a couple of days each week to exercise.

This didn’t stick and throughout high school and college (the first time) I used a mix of binge eating, some purging (I was way too forgetful and love food too much to keep this up) and no exercising. to semi remain at the weight I thought then was too fat but would be really excited to see that number today.

I digress.

When my mom joined a gym, I went with. She, Buffy and I collectively lost a good 175 pounds but again, it never stuck.  I wouldn’t eat a healthier diet, choosing to believe that the hour workout I completed allowed me to eat whatever I wanted. I would go days without exercising only to push myself for the next few weeks.

Fast forward to now and I’m all Darth Vader breath and sweaty when walking up the stairs.


When I started running wogging many moons ago I thought that would be a magic cure but you know what…you’ve got to actually DO IT, run, walk, practice build up endurance, whatever, to be effective. Falling in and out with keeping in shape caused me to understand the basics but to actually practice what I know.

Having to hustle The Bee and Dill back and forth to practice I realize that planning is key. The Bee and I pack our duffel bag each night with all of the supplies we are going to need. Since the track is kinda chilly we have sweats, gloves and hats.  I charge up my iPod and we place the bag where we can see it. This simple and necessary step is such a time saver. It eliminates my need to make excuses and The Bee is prepared.

Getting our food together is a challenge. Far too often I have thought that if I ate before exercising I would get a stitch in my side and would cause me to slow down my exercising or not to complete the day’s workout goal. I would then have a headache, try to compensate and overeat. The Bee is such a picky eater that it’s hard to find something that she will eat but the coach gave us some suggestions that are doable.

Just doing it.
Like I said, The Bee has asthma and yet she’ll still hit the track, a slow jog, walk, wog anything to get it done. Throughout my life as an exerciser I would often declare that TOMORROW was the day and plan for the run. That tomorrow was the day to begin eating better. Tomorrow is not a day away. It’s next week, next month, May. I don’;t have to like it but at least I can try it and….it works. I am getting moving, inspired to eat better and actually using the dumbbells that had started growing dusty.

It’s not easy but it’s not as traumatic as I thought. The Bee gets to see me move, I get to check out her practices without being THAT MOM and soon I will be back to jumping around like a loon. The Bee is excited about the possibility of competing in the Penn Relays. I just want to be able to carry on a conversation while walking.

From Vader to Maul,


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