On the Needles: A Hat. I think

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Shh! Don’t tell crochet but I’m really liking needles!
I am really digging the melodic clinking made from the two metal needles as I work stitches. I like the bumpy rows that come from the knit patterns and I like the way the yarn stretches.

I am not abandoning my craft, merely giving it a rest. I have not decided to walk on the knit side. I am bicraftual*

Positives about knitting:
The delightful clink, clink sound as my needles work together.
Not having to explain to people that I am crocheting, not knitting.

The weapon like needle a project.
I can’t read the patterns.

Poor Katniss may be stabbed in the eye!

I used to joke that I needed knitting for the dummies dumber sister. Maybe just pattern reading for the knitters dumber sister.

Seriously though:
So far I know the knit aka garter stitch. That’s the stitch that looks like little bumps AND to be honest, Tunisian crochet. I feel quite comfortable with this stitch and can actually look away as I knit without too many dropped stitches. I am only making a hat but whaevs.

The purl or stockingnette stitch still eludes me. As I try to get comfortable with the technique I find that I am not quite as neat with my stitches. The practice piece that I made had me switching from knit to purl and back in one row as I forgot where I was working, what side I was on, et cetera. This stitch looks like rows of “V’s” or like a chain in crochet. I accidentally did somethng called a seed stitch and I liked the way it looked in the Thicker yarns but it fell flat as I used a lighter weight yarn.

The seed stitch I accidentially on purpose made
Per Buffy: That looks too tight.

I still can’t read a pattern. My mind so badly wants it to be a crochet pattern that I get frustrated and can’t process what I am seeing. I’ve been working on a hat but since I dodn’t follow a pattern I thought I’d make a big box and sew it together like a slouchy hat. So far so good. I’m using a worsted weight yarn and size 9 needles. I cast on 50 (although somewhere along the way I added a stitch or two and at last count counted 53). The yarn is all stretchy and should (should) fit my nephew’s head.

Looks at the little bumps!
How those bumps make us jump!

Let me get back to it.
Hope to have some pics posted soon.


*Golly I really wish I had come up with that tem but have to credit a blog I read but cannot find but here is a Google link to the plethora of blogs I’ve found with people declaring thier bicraftuality

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