Monday Listicles: Ten Bens

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Once again I am joining in on The Good Life’s Monday Listicles and this week the prompt was suggested by her friend Kim from The G is Silent (awesome blog name!) and she wants to know what is what are you going to do with 1000 dollars.

Usually I have a whole lottery thing that I do and its always frivolous but I have a leak in my house that is a pain in the ass so I kinda feel that I should do something mature (pronounced mah-TOUR) instead of pissing it away but then I realize that it’s only 1000 dollars (not only but not enough to be replacing all of my pipes) and frivolity reigns!

So here be my ten things I’m gonna do with my ten Bens.

1. Get a couple of those Living Social Deals for maid service for home and work ’cause, well my work and home area are a hot mess. (Did you see the picture of my desk from last week?)

2. Go get my hair did.
I’m cheap I like to do my hair myself but hair doing is not among my skill set so days after retwisting my hair it looks…we’ll call it tired. I try to fake it but there is totes no faking the fuzzy mess that is the front of my hair.

3. Take The Bee to Whole Foods or Martindale’s and let her have at it. Eating dairy free is not too bad but it’s kind of expensive. Our normal market doesn’t always have what we want and when we do make the trips to specialty type store I always experience a mini TIA when I get the bill.
(I would insert a clip of The Simpsons from that time they went to “Wellness” Food but can’t find it)

4. Get some new underwear. There is something about a bra and drawers that fit that can set the whole tone for the day. It’s a total “for me” thing. I mean, I’m sure someone else will benefit Effin Guy but these would really truly be for my own peace of mind. Today when I looked down I swear my left boob was smushier than the right and if I have to adjust my strap ONE MORE TIME….

5. Get my kid and nephew gift cards to Wawa. That way they can stay out of my pockets and I won’t have to go digging for change all of the time. These kids are always hustling me for a dollar or something to drink from Wawa which is never really “something to drink” it’s more like a whole lot of stuff that they don’t always eat and they are forever spilling it in my car.

6. Get a ton of FreshPet food for Lil. Plus a little fridge to keep it in. That way she can stop running to the big fridge each time we open the door.

7. Of course, some yarn. Lots and lots of the good stuff, things that are found in places that spell shop “shoppe” and always have pictures of sheep all over.
 7.a. The yarn would need lovely places to be stored so lots and lots of decorative fancy baskets. I am partial to these I found on this site. Really any would do but since Lil is home alone, a LOT, and is always in my yarn *shakes fist and rolls eyes* I would need something with lids. 

8. Lil would be all over these baskets like a fly on honey so I would get one of those ridiculously huge kitty climbing things that she would probably ignore. Or scratch and then ignore. Or maybe climb to to the top and hide and then lazily swipe at anyone who passes. That last thing.

9. Get my car detailed. 
I’ll be honest. The inside of my car is just plain nasty.

10. Finally take mom out for a mani/pedi. She loves getting her nails done and she can’t always get there when it’s time.

I am sure I spent $1000 plus but in this instance my time and money would be able to be stretched. Cause I said so.

Now. What would YOU do with Ten Bens?

Wanting a Ben but only finding an Abe,


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