Monday Listicles Loves Thor: Ragnorak

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We found a new to us theater over the weekend and decided to that we should check out Thor: Ragnorak.   I LOVED the movie! It was fun, funny and not so darn dark as superhero movies of late seem to be.

Monday Listicles Loves Thor: Ragnorak and here is why.

  1. The Black Panther Trailer. While not technically a part of the Thor: Ragnorak movie, it IS a part of the Marvel Universe. Lord this trailer probably deserves a post of it’s own…Michael B Jordan, Angela Basset proving that she IS Queen Bee, the sheer amount of melanin looking and owning things. This movie is gonna be so hot!Monday Listicles Loves Thor: Ragnorak
  2. Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. Tessa always has a place in my heart after playing Philly girl Bianca in Creed, but after seeing her as a hard drinking, hard fighting Valkyrie…she is my all week long woman crush! She was excellent as the lone Valkyrie, working hard to forget the pain inflicted by the villain Hela.Monday Listicles Loves Thor: Ragnorak
  3. Which brings me to Cate Blanchett as Hela. Cate was unrecognizable (to me) as the villain Hela, the first female villain in the Marvel Universe. She was fantastic as the unknown sister of Thor and Loki. Hela is ruthless as she demands her place on the throne (I mean as the oldest it IS rightfully hers) and she was funny too. I did not dig her America’s Next Top Model type of walk but if I looked like Cate Blanchett in a cat suit I would walk any kind of way I wanted.

    Monday Listicles Loves Thor: Ragnorak

  4. Thor: Ragnorak was fun! The last few superhero movies (I’m looking at you Wonder Woman and IronMan 3) felt super long but Thor: Ragnorak just flew by! It was funny, I actually laughed out loud several times, there were lots of cameos (spoiler alert…I STILL don’t get the Benedict Cumberbatch thing but hey, every lid doesn’t fit every pot (or something like that). There were;t as many bantery type conversations like Iron Man, it wasn’t so dark and serious and it seemed to know that comedy was a part of the deal for this movie.

  5. No Jane! Don’t get me wrong…I love me some Natalie Portman but I was a bit tired of the Jane storyline. This reads harsh, I concede. I can’t really explain but can say that the movie flowed better for me without the whole Jane bit.
  6. Idris Elba’s Heimdall. I am sucker for a man with locs. My drooling aside, Heimdall is this kick ass force that protects the people of Asgard and I was here for it. Heimdall  could have easily been just another “Magical Negro” but he was savior, warrior and a force to be reckoned with.
  7. Jeff Goldblum. He’s a creeper in this movie as Grandmaster, the exuberant and dangerous ruler of Sakaar. On Sakaar, Thor is challenged to compete against the champion in what amounts to the competition to meet all competitions. The Grandmaster lies, cheats and deceives his way to get what he wants and Jeff Goldblum is perfect  in this role. He’s like Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum: sarcastic, quippy and bringing the giggles.
  8. The Hulk aka Bruce Banner. Squee…I have to say that I am crushing hard on Mark Ruffalo, that actor who plays Bruce Banner. It’s been two years since The Avengers: Age of Ultron (according to this movie) and Bruce Banner has been trapped as The Hulk. On Sakaar he is revered, instead of feared as he oft is on Earth. The Hulk actually seems a bit more relatable. Shucks…I would want to stay on a planet that cheered for me instead of wanting me to disaaper too. The Hulk is still a green George to Thor’s Lennie (this is a Stenbeck reference because I am fancy) but unlike other movies, he actually does more than smash.

    Monday Listicles Loves Thor: Ragnorak

  9. I need help!” I won’t spoil this but please know this is HILARIOUS!
  10. Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song. Ever since I was introduced to Robert Plant’s high pitch voice in the 90’s (I’m old) I have been a fan. If I could figure out a way to play this during storytime, I would. But really, it’s a good “Get pumped and get ready song.” 

Have you seen Thor: Rangnorak? What did you think?



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