The Bee modeling Spaghetti Headz

Modeling Spaghetti Headz by @morphmallow #ad

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r’s note: I attended the Mom Mixer event in Philadelphia and at the event was given complimentary Spaghetti Headz to use. My daughter was compensated for a photo shoot. All opinions and thoughts are honest and my own. 


A couple of weeks ago we attended the Mom Mixer in Philadelphia. This event was held at The Franklin Institute and it was fun to mix and mingle with fellow bloggers while learning about new brands.

One such brand was a Spaghetti Headz, which are these fun accessories you can wear in your hair. The Bee got a sample and we learned a bit about the product which is made of polymer clay. They can be worn in all types of hair and can be cut to adjust for length.

The Bee Modeling Spaghetti Headz

The Bee Modeling Spaghetti Headz

Click below to see just how easy it is to wear Spaghetti Headz…they twist around a loc of hair in minutes (or less!)

The Bee went up to New York with my niece on a whirlwind trip for this photoshoot.Later, as I was chatting with someone, The Bee ran over to me all excited and asked if I would go back to meet the people at the Spaghetti Headz table. She exclaimed, “MOM! They asked me if I could model!”

“They” was actually a “she”, Toby Fishman, the chief creative officer for Eff Creative, who asked if The Bee could come to an upcoming shoot for Spaghetti Headz! We exchanged cards and The Bee was just as excited as can be. After a few back and forth e-mails we made arrangements for The Bee to head to New York for a photoshoot.


The day she was to go to New York I was suffering from a nasty cold so I assigned my niece the task of chaperoning The Bee to New York. What a day they had! The Bee was made up and her hair adorned with a new line of Feathered Spaghetti Headz which glow in the dark! She then went to a movie theater and made a video showing off the new product.


Below is a video of the shoot and a glimpse at the new glow in the dark products.


These would make a great accessory for the divas in your life. The Bee enjoys hers and tries to create looks she can wear with them when she’s not at school in her uniform.

Check out the Spaghetti Headz website to grab your own. You can get a three pack for $13.99.

Follow them on Facebook for photos from the shoot and more information about Morphmallow!

I am one proud mama and excited to share a product which is fun, cool and looks great.


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