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Oh Stasha!
Oh dear, Stasha!
For Monday Listicles she is asking us to share ten complaints.

Only ten?

So, Ten Random Things I am going to fuss about.Listicle3

1. Bad Judge starring Kate Walsh
I am not sure how I feel about this show. I am loving the idea of a professional person who rocks (sorta) on the job but has a messy personal life but this show is such a wreck. Judge Rebecca Wright’s personal life is so messy, and she always looks like she needs a good scrubbing and really, really, really would she be allowed to get away with the shenanigans she pulls and still be treated like a professional?

2. Graffiti
Urban blight in general but someone ONCE AGAIN graffitied the house next to mine and I just can’t. Why does the “artist” feel the need to tag this poor house? No one can read, nor cares to read, the scrawl of words you put up. The smell of paint stinks and this just makes the neighborhood look junkier AND jankier than it has to be.

3. Returning to work and having six voice mails which three are hangups.
Why bother calling?

4. At said work, noticing that some kid was fooling around on my desk.
Because the hundreds of books, the scores of toys, papers and crayons to color with are NOT enough for you?

5. Park Job Jerks
Today someone took up two parking spots. TWO. Why? If your car is that precious you need to keep it home and then

At both of the libraries I work there is a phenomena in which chairs will not allow themselves to be pushed under the tables! I assume that is the case because I just cannot reconcile that people sit and get up without pushing their chair in.

7. People who want to share their religion
I get it. You’ve found this new thing and it’s great but after I have told you repeatedly that I am not interested…let it go.

8. People who text while they are driving.
Pay attention to the road! Whatever you are texting is not worth running off of the road, into the rear of the person who is driving or into oncoming traffic.

9. People who start stuff.
Confession…I love gossip, I always want to tea but I can’t stand when people add things. So and so did not say such and such…you know it! But, sigh, there are some people who make it their mission to be unpleasant and cause chaos.

10. People who litter
Why oh why must you leave your litter all over? Is it that hard to either NOT ask for a bag or hold that item until you get to a trash can? Clean up!


That was actually kind of a challenge. I *think* I fuss a lot but maybe I just fuss about the same things?

What’s on your list? Leave a comment or share on your blog. Next week…all about the thanks!



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  1. Stasha says:

    yep. I think I fuss about the same pet peeves all the time though. I used to complain waaaaaay more when I had coworkers though. They brought it upon themselves 😉

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