Off the Needles: The Portfolio Scarf

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A few weeks ago I stopped by Loop Yarn and treated myself to some yarn. (This was celebratory yarn because I had just did this awesome storytelling at The Art Sanctuary and was feeling really good but I digress). Anywho, while at Loop there I saw this great scarf called The Portfolio Scarf by Erika Flory (friend me on Ravelry while you’re there!). I loved the color, the shape, the drape, everything and I wanted to get started making one as soon as I could. The recommended yarn is a bit more than I usually spend on a single skein of yarn (although I did wind up spending more on other things…go figure!) and the color that the display scarf was made out of was not available. SInce I’m me, I was too inpatient to wait for them to restock so I grabbed some other yarn (it was on sale) and set out to make my own Portfolio Scarf.

Once I got the hang of the pattern it worked up really quickly. I finally finished it and am quite pleased with the result.

The Portfolio Scarf work in progress by @yarrns

The scarf in the beginning. Lace and Garter stitches

A few notes:

The materials for the scarf calls for a circular needle. I used two straight needles. The pattern repeats itself and, once you get the hang of the repeats, is really easy to follow. However, I had trouble keeping track of which row/section/area I was working on so It helped me to have two needles, one that I marked with a little rubber band so that I could keep track of whether it was an increase row or what I called the working row.

A little counter is so necessary! The scarf increases during each section and I found myself losing count, dropping stitches and my numbers didn’t quite work out as called for in the pattern. I wish I were a better knitter; when I tried to frog back to where I dropped a stitch I started doubting my abilities and found that I frogged two rows instead of just to the mistake. (Then I dropped another stitch and the scarf had to sit in the corner for the day.)
Please feel free to use my affiliate link to get a set of Lion Brand Yarn Row Counter, Set of 2 , (Colors may vary). These fit on your needles to help you keep track of the rows or how many stitches you have on the scarf.

Get yourself some Point Protectors such as Bluecell Pack of 8 Plastic Large / Small Size Point Protectors/Stoppers for Knitting Needles (Random Color). This will be the best money you can spend! I swear these things are genius in its simplicity! They fit on the end of your needles and your work stays put. Love, love, love it!


Overall this is such a great scarf and a love addition just in time for Scarfvember. I love the results and think this will be a holiday gift for a friend and for my mom. I used Berroco’s Untra Alpaca Winter to create this scarf. I will see what’s in my stash for my next attempt.

Here is the finished product for your viewing pleasure:



Upcoming crafythings:
  • Next on the hooks…I FINALLY got a pattern from The Velvet Acorn and will be working on a cowl!
  • I will be reviewing Hello Kitty Crochet (squee!)
  • I’m still chugging along on a another kitchen sink blanket. It’s sloooooooow going!



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