Mega-Bad Movie Night

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Our movie hosts for the evening. There was some really bad science in this movie and the hosts did a wonderful job breaking it down and poking fun at all of the holes in the theories.

Favorite line from the night, after something utterly ridiculous happened on screen, “Because Science!”

Podcaster, actor, writer (and more) Kennedy Allen, Christine Danowsky, coordinator of all things camp at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University and Ellen Wildner is a senior at Drexel University studying biology.

This was the first time there was an all-female panel and they were hilarious. Think Mystery Science 3000 but with real time wise cracks and audience participation.


It was such fun night out! Open bar and snacks and totally NOT you average date night or girls night out! Add in that it’s adults only, which made it a bit more special and parking is free after 8 on the Parkway!

If you go:

About Mega-Bad Movie Night
Join us at the Academy after hours to watch an “awesomely awful” movie. Witty experts will be onstage to offer their quips and sidesplitting comments on the many scientific absurdities—think Mystery Science Theater 3000!

Wander among the Academy’s famous exhibits such as Dinosaur Hall and Butterflies!—without kids! It’s a great place to meet fellow science nerds as you hang out with your friends. It’s even perfect for a Thursday date night!

We now offer two ticket types for Mega-Bad Movie Night:
$25/$20 for members – VIP Ticket with Open Bar (includes snacks and beer/wine)
$15/$10 for members – Designated Driver Ticket (includes snacks and non-alcoholic drinks)

In addition to the movie, Mega-Bad Movie Nights include:
•Complimentary snacks
•Academy specimens
•Live animals
•Fun hands-on activities

You must be 18 years of age to attend this event and 21 or over to drink.

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  1. loisaltermark says:

    The idea of bad movie night is so much fun! I don’t think I would have touched those maggots either. Yuck!

  2. becca112971 says:

    what a fun way to enjoy your night, Plus those maggots are just too yucky.

  3. Definitely an evening I would not expect either. Hey this is something new to add to your list of adventures.

  4. Lori Felix says:

    Looks like it was a fun night. I would’ve passed on the maggots too but the obstacle course looks like it was a good time.

  5. Joanne Greco says:

    That looks like such a fun way to spend an evening! I would have passed on touching maggots also!

  6. sachacreate says:

    Wow, I’m wishing I was you in there, everything seem so exiting and fun. However, the maggots for medicine would have left a nasty taste in my mouth lol great post

  7. This looks like a really cool experience! The Fly was the first rated R movie that I snuck in to see. It was so gross and so good!

    1. Rachee says:

      My mom rented it and let my sister and watch it with her because she thought it was going to be like the version from the fifties. It as not!!!!

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