Listicles: Ten For Fall

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Today is the Labor Day in the United States and this marks the unofficial end of the summer season. Fall technically begins on September 23rd but school begins this week for The Bee, Fall things are on all the menus and all of the stores, and there has been a few mornings when snuggling under a blanket is more alluring than a cup of coffee.

Ten things I am looking forward to this fall:


  1. Cooler mornings. I love snuggling under the blanket on the couch and reading a few more pages of my book.
  2. Hat weather! Yup. I have a few hats on the needles and I can’t wait to rock them.
  3. Scarf weather! To go along with all of the hats I’ll be rocking.
  4. Earlier evenings. I had a wonderful summered can say that I did more this summer than I have in previous years but there is something delicous about early evenings with a mug of something savory.
  5. Using the slow cooker. I am not the best cook but have a few recipes that just work when thrown in the slow cooker. Sure I could have used the cooker in the summer but the recipes are a little heavier than I like to eat when it’s hella hot.
  6. Tea Time! It’s always a good time for a cuppa but tea is a cooler weather drink. I feel like Ramona from Scott Pilgrim with the selection of teas I seemed to have collected.
  7. Resuming Meet-ups for Yarn Groups. Summer meant a break for the group I run at the library as well as the group I go to in Philadelphia. I am excited to see what everyone has been making, be inspired by the yarn things and chat with friends.
  8.  Fall Runs Wogs. Since I have been working out regularly I am excited to see what the fall weather will do for my time and mood. Also, I can’t wait to run under trees with changing leaves.
  9. Boots. Those runs I’ve been doing mean that boots will look awesome on me this year. Yes. I AM that shallow
    Cue Cake:
  10. Football. I’ve been watching and I actually understand what is going on. I can’t wait to see what my Eagles do this year.

Your turn!
Tell me what you are looking forward to this fall. If you blog, link up below.




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  1. becca112971 says:

    Pumpkin everything. So excited for that and for fall.

  2. OOH, I’m looking forward to the slow cooker too! I love coming home and having the house filled with an incredible aroma and a yummy meal to put in my belly!

  3. I don’t look forward to the dark walks to the bus stop at 7am!! Great list however, there is good with bad for sure.

  4. Lena says:

    I am not looking forward to the cold snowy nights, but I am hoping for many evening fall walks

  5. Dawn Nieves says:

    I absolutely love fall. I’m looking forward t pumpkin picking, hayride a and just cooler weather all around!

  6. sacha says:

    The fall is my favorite season, so many reason, but I will list three reasons here. 1-love to see the leaves fall. 2-love to hug my blanket without having to pay the light bill extra for having the AC on. 3- my light bill is not as high

  7. I am so ready for Fall and cooler weather. I can’t wait to wear scarves…just as soon as we get out of the 90s:)

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