Bai me a cuppa!

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In which I  share why Bai is my new cuppa of choice.
Or Caffeine Me.

Everybody who knows me knows that I am dedicated worshiper at the temple of coffee. It’s always time for a cuppa; I can totally drink coffee all day long with hardly any side effects (and with that run on sentence I have just jinxed myself!). My social media group had a holiday party on Monday and one of the sponsors was Bai. Before Monday I had never had Bai, let alone heard of them. Since then, I am hooked!

I have tried Mango, Pomegranate and my favorite, Panama Peach. Of the three Peach is my favorite with Mango a close favorite. These two had a pleasing taste, a lovely aroma and there was no after taste. The pomegranate was a tad bitter to my tongue. I am a “would you like to have coffee with your creamer and sugar” gal and tend to like sweet over savory.

Since I have been drinking Bai I have not been jittery or experiencing the crash that I usually feel by mid day.Yes, it’s only been three days but whatevs.The drinks I tried were low calorie, 5 calories per serving and is full of antioxidants (which I am told are good for me but I still am not sure what antioxidants are but if it tastes as yummy as Bai then I’m digging it!).

When I checked the website there are plenty of locations close by that serve Bai and this is being added to my shopping list. I will probably still have my coffee but find that Bai will be a really great supplement.

Sipping away,

r’s note: In the spirit of disclosure please know that I was able to sample Bai free of charge but was not asked to review this item or write this post.


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  1. Kristin says:

    Panama Peach sounds really good! Like you, I’ve never heard of Bai, but I will definitely be keeping my eyes open when I’m at the store from now on.

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