#ihartholidays: She Liked It

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This week Kevin Hart waxes poetically about his children being a bit more hip and smarter than he.

I can totally empathize.
My tween is growing up.
*wipes tear*

 This was the first year that my shopping did not take me to areas of stores bedazzled in pinks and plastic and lights. For Christmas my daughter asked for a few things that would qualify as “big girl” gifts, among them software for editing videos that she creates. After a few hiccups in school, she has proved that the software she requested will not be too much of a distraction for her school work and videos from her have been made.

The Bee has been hunched over a computer for hours creating videos that get way more views than my vlogs. It confuses me a bit because I swear at this age my sister and I were still playing with Barbies. I can remember the thrill of a new Barbie anything, dressing up the dolls and clinging to the fantasy that came secured in a pink box.

My kid…nope. She asked for computer software, books and other practical things that make me feel like I am pushing her too soon to become mature but knowing that she is becoming a young lady.

Enjoy her work and have a happy holiday!

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