Friday Favorites: As Seen on Twitter

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These are the things that I favorited on Twitter this week.
You’re welcome.

While tweavesdropping (that’s eavesdropping while on Twitter) I saw a post from Mattisa M on how to wear scarves. Since I have been making a bunch of scarves and was gifted a cool one from a patron I love the advice I learned from the blog how to wear a scarf.

There are scarves for you to wear on your head, skinny scarves, bandana scarves, you name it!

Then there was a post from James & Jax about the holiday blues.
Love, love, love it!
Tis the season to be down in the dumps and this post has some excellent tips to ensure the blues won’t last
I’ve got a perfect notebook at home to keep myself from feeling so blue.

During another Twitter party I stumbled up recipes for Bailey’s cream.
I have been trying to come up with all kinds of mixed drinks for a party I am having. I think I’ve found some great recipes! The party was hosted by the GLO girls, Tina and Erica.

And finally from Fresh Stitches Seven Social Media site for your yarny business. I have been neglecting yaRRns something awful but Stacey shared some tips to help me get back on track. (New things coming to shop in the new year!).

What are your favorites from the week?
Share below!


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