#ihartholidays: Regifting

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A few years ago my sister called herself funny and gave me a Chia Pet for Christmas. Like the grateful soul that I am, I got a little upset and tossed it into a box bound for charity. She never said anything more about it but I knew she thought her gag gift was at last worthy of being considered.

Looking back I realize my behavior was terrible and childish but at the time I rationalized that I was so upset and she should have known better.


What do YOU do when you get a gift that is just…blech?

Instead of feeling grinchy and being a terrible example for my daughter we have been trying to repurpose and yes, the dreaded regift.

Really, regifting is like borrowing that thing your family/friend has that you have kept your eye on for a while…right?

With the invention known as Pinterest, the words repurposing and reusing there is no such thing as a “bad gift.” ‘Tis the season to give but I will not lie, I like receiving!

I say head to Pinterest and find a way to up cycle that ugly shirt, repurpose that terrible skirt and reuse that silly hat.

Click below and see what Kevin Hart does when he gets an ugly sweater and then leave a comment with your favorite ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle!

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