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The first time I saw Effin Guy shave I was horrified! He did not shave as much
as attack his skin with the razor. With his self described “sensitive
Irish skin” I thought he would take more care with his regiment but no,
shaving was something he did just to get done.


When  I commented on his routine he excused as guys
being guys but the attack on his skin was something that made me rethink my
holiday gift for him. While I do not expect him to spend hours grooming each
day, I would like his routine to include a little more thought for his skin. He
needs to take the time to care for his handsome face and show off to the world
that face I adore. 

To find the perfect gift
for him, I checked out the gift ideas from the P&G e-store. The options
included ready to go kits, starter kits and build your own. I went with the
build your own kit and enjoyed picking out items to create a more personalized
custom kit for him.

When I visited the site
I was a little psyched to learn that there is so much more to shaving than
dragging a razor across the hair. According to the site one should prepare and
protect the skin beginning with a pre shave oil. This will also improve the glide
of the razor. Next is the lathering, which can be provided with The Art of
Shaving Cream and a cool brush to help work up a lather to apply to the area to be shaved. This is described as something that will provide a rich and warm lather on your
Next, is shaving which
is done with a triple bladed razor to provide a close shave. The shave is
followed up with shaving balm meant to soothe and revitalize dry skin. 

I cannot wait to gift this item to Effin Guy. I think he will get a kick out of using it and will also enjoy the benefits to his skin. I think I too will benefit from a smoother shave and am looking forward to helping him get into a lather.

If you decide to build your own kit, enjoy 20% off your purchase of The Perfect Shave Solution. Click on this link to make your purchases. This offer is valid until 12/30; no coded needed. Your discount will be automatically applied at check out when you purchase a full size Pre Shave, a full size Shaving Cream or soap and bowl, Shaving Brush, Razor and After Shave.




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