Give Kids Sight Day Returns October 21st!

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Children 17 and under in Philadelphia (and surrounding counties) are invited to this free annual event for free eye care and eyeglasses. Sight Day is geared towards kids who did not have or did not pass an eye screening this year. Registration takes place from 8:30am to 1:00pm at Jefferson Alumni Hall – and features eye screening, a health fair, free books, snacks and more.

No health insurance? No problem! All children are welcome. Walk-ins only, no appointment is needed! We do suggest families arrive early.

For more information email: or call 215-563-5848 x21.

Click here to download English flyer

The flyer is also available in the following languagesclick to download below:

Arabic  /  Chinese French  /  Haitian Creole  /  Hindi  /  Russian  /  Spanish  / Vietnamese

Be a hero!  Volunteer to help on Give Kids Sight Day. 

Volunteers are needed to provide medical care, register children, entertain families and much more. Click here to download a flyer with more information that you can share.

  • If you are interested in helping with registration, language interpretation, ambassador, data entry and the like, click here.  Please note, we also have pre-event day opportunities in this link.
  • If you are an ophthalmologist, optometrist, optician, technician, or an employee of Wills Eye or any eye-care facility, please click here.

Registration deadline: October 9th


Picture Books to Share!  Get ready for the Give Kids Sight Day with these books.

Affiliate links are used in this section. 

Agapanthus Hum and the Eyeglasses  by Joy Cowley

Give Kids Sight Day Returns October 19th!

Agapanthus Hum is a whirlwind. She hums, she cartwheels, and she is always running around. Now that Agapanthus has eyeglasses, her parents want her to be careful. Agapanthus tries to slow down; she even wears a bag on her head so her glasses won’t get lost, but more often then not, her glasses go flying. What do grown-up acrobats do with their eyeglasses? Agapanthus’s parents bring her to a performance so that she can find out.

r’s note: When The Bee got her first pair of glasses, she was quite rough with them! This eyeglasses caught all manners of hell…scratches, cracks and warping. She’s slightly more careful with her newest pair.

I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses by Lauren Child


Give Kids Sight Day Returns October 19th!



Lola is going to the optician. She has decided that she absolutely MUST have glasses. Charlie says, ?You?ll only get glasses if you really, really need them.? But Lola says, ?I really DO need them, Charlie.?

r’s story: When I was in sixth grade, my sister got glasses. I was so jealous of those specs that I pretended that I could not see and “failed” my exam. Fast forward to present times and my eyes are a mess! Lesson…don’t lie about needing glasses. 


Glasses Who Needs ’em by Lane Smith

Give Kids Sight Day Returns October 19th!



A boy is unhappy about having to wear glasses, until his doctor provides an imaginative list of well-adjusted eyeglass wearers.

r’s note: from my story above you can see that I was all into wearing glasses. My whole family wears them so it was the norm. I am a child of the eighties so there were some unfortunate frames.

Princess Peepers Picks a Pet by Pam Calvert



Give Kids Sight Day Returns October 19th!


Everyone at the Royal Academy for Perfect Princesses is excited about the upcoming pet show. Everyone, that is, except Princess Peepers. She doesn’t have a pet! Will a bug from her collection work? What about a frog from the royal pond? Can the other princesses accept a pet that is as unique as Princess Peepers is? Princess Peepers makes the pet show an unforgettable one in this sequel about the world’s most lovable princess. Tuesday Mourning’s vibrant illustrations using mixed media add to the fun in this quirky read aloud about identity and acceptance.

r’s note: After my sister got her glasses, the cat we had, Buttons, would attack my sister whenever she took her glasses off. 
We always have crazy cats.



Support PCCY!  Can’t make the event? Learn how you can still help.

PCCY, Public Citizens for Children and Youth, serves children in southeastern PA. Together, with their and their partners have helped connect over 7,700 children obtain free eye care services since 2009! That two thirds of Philadelphia school children who fail a school vision screening do not get a follow-up exam was unacceptable to child advocates. Building on PCCY’s successful Give Kids a Smile Day model of free dental care for kids, PCCY and our partners designed “Give Kids Sight Day” a day of free eye checks and eye glasses for children who need them.

You can also make a donation to support or work on children’s health.

Does your child need health insurance?  PCCY’s Child Health Watch Helpline assists families in finding health insurance for their children.  We help with applications for public health insurance, either Medical Assistance (MA) or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and to resolve enrollment problems. This service is free and is available in any language.  Helpline staff also helps families find health care services such as primary care, dental, vision, and behavioral health care that they can access with or without insurance.  Call PCCY’s Child Health Watch Helpline at 215-563-5848 x17 or email:


Give Kids Sight Day Returns October 19th!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this upcoming event. Please help spread the word and share this info with children and their families.


I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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