Tomorrow (October 31st) is…

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I still celebrate Halloween, the revered day in which we dismiss a year’s worth of teachings and warnings and have our children disguise themselves in expensive store-bought costumes to beg for candy. At work I passed out posters with Halloween fun stuff on them and was informed by more than one parent that Halloween is not celebrated in their house.
To borrow from my sister, what kind of f*ckery is that?
Tsk, tsk, tsk (shaking head).
My child and I will be pagans, sort of. We are not going to be dancing under the pale moonlight but we will be getting a bag or two full of grub to carry us through most of November.
Dabnabbit, I want my fun size* bag of Skittles, fun sized Snickers and fun sized gummi savers.
I want to visit the party house (the house who gives out candy and soda (!!!) while barbecuing and listening to Led Zeppelin.
I am also going to spend the day in my jammies and my evening in a candy induced coma!
You read it right. Pics tomorrow.

*fun sized really should be labeled “teases” ’cause it takes me about three of those suckers before I am having fun.


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