Friday Favorites: The Rainy Day Edition

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Fall just turned into Spring and the rain is pouring, pouring, pouring!
There are a few tasks that I need to address (the mess on my desk is creeping back…eep!) and there is a little thing called housework but alas someecards found the perfect words, as usual.


To kill two birds with one stone, here is what I’m planning next week for work*.


One of my library parents was talking to her kid about shapes and I thought, time to bust out the bean bags!
Here is an activity we may give a try next week.

I love Ellen Stoll Walsh’s Mouse Paint. I’m on the fence about the other books; the mice look too real (blech).
Anywho, I thought we would bust out the foam pieces, some other shapes I’ve been hoarding saving and have at it.


Usually a lighter day. Add a dental appointment which I *KNOW* will result in some Little Shop of Horrorsesque shenanigans and I’m lucky to even consider the day.


The Bookworms are back and we are serving up healthy snacks for our library kids.
Well…jello and cookies may not be the healthiest offering but I love the idea of slurping such realistic worms!
Plus, they had me at crushed Oreos.


Halloween is coming up so it’s time for me to bust out Grover and my favorite monster books!
The Grover voice (and lots of tea) will be making an appearance Wednesday through Halloween for monster themed storytimes.

And yes.
I realize the irony, conceit and arrogance of embedding a clip of me.
You know you love it.


No programs but I do have to do a few things around the library.
There is weeding (the Sophie’s choice of librarians everywhere), general and major housekeeping (depending on where you work) and sometimes just reclaiming the space.
I am working on a tween area and was thinking of a Tween advisory board/club/group/huddle?

This is one of the ideas I’ll present to my tweens when I talk with them about my ideas and if I feed them, they will come…

And I like Swedish (which aren’t from Sweden) fish.

How is you week shaping up?

*r’s. Events may not happen as written. In my head it’s one way. In reality….


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