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I was hipped to a new yarn shop opening in Manayunk and thought I would give it a try. I told Buffy all about it and she helped me navigate through some back streets (awesome!) to get to Manayunk. Once we arrived, we found Hidden River Yarns a cozy shop that is homey and warm and filled with genuinely nice people who made us feel welcome.

I really enjoyed my visit. At times I feel out of my element at yarn stores for reasons that may be just my perception. At times I feel ignored but at this store not only did I feel welcome, I really want to find and make time to return for a future visit to participate in a class or just to hang  and hook. The staff and customers alike were chatty, friendly and we talked yarn, projects and I made a few new friends on Ravelry.

The staff and customers were helpful as they gave advice about different yarns I should try for a few projects I wanted to work on. Some needleworkers would offer their projects for me to feel the yarn and suggest things I could try. Several options of yarns were available in a variety of price ranges so that I felt able to create a project without going broke. There was no pressure to buy and even when I hemmed and hawed at the register, I was advised to let the yarn speak to me before making my purchase.

If you go
There is metered parking along Main Street. Bring quarters.
There is a “back way” to get there that only involves MINUTES on the highway.
Allow time because everyone is so gosh darned friendly, you’ll be talking and chatting with everyone.
Plus, most of the yarn is in hanks so you’ll need time to have it wound.

Hidden River Yarns

4358B Main Street,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19127

Store Hours

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Sunday: 12pm – 5pm

Below are SOME of the pictures from the night. Enjoy and then do yourself a favor and visit for yourself.

Chaley yarn that was lacy and so soft to touch

Shoutout to the hook!

Part of the great selection of yarn

The Arctic Circle Cowl

Each piece has what its made from and directions are available

Handmade sewn bags are also available

My haul
(look for mitts soon)

Buffy, being Buffy

Not for nothing, I will do some serious stash busting and decluttering but from now on I will follow my sister’s mantra and get the good stuff. Yarn that is soft and natural. A shop that wants me there and enjoy the experience.

Happily hooking,


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