Friday Favorites: If I had (640) Million Dollars

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According to the experts, the odds of winning the estimated $640 million dollar Mega Millions Jackpot is 1 in 175,711,536. 

I’ll take these odds. Heck, I would take a part this payout! With such a huge number and it’s fun to imagine all of the possibilities right? 

If I won the jackpot, Whoa Daddy! After I were revived from the mild heart/severe anxiety attack that I would most certainly have, I would grab Lil and The Bee and we would head to places unknown in order to wrap our minds around this new lifestyle.

After paying taxes and fees and doing responsible things (paying everybody in the family’s bills and junk) there would still be a good chunk of change left right?

With the rest of my winnings I would…
…Finish school.  There would be no worries about buying books, supplies, fees, etc.  Tuition would be paid through at least two masters, heck, maybe a doctorate. I would be free to study and debate and the like in my new house.

She is too fond of books and it has addled her brains!

I would be free to study and debate and wax winningly in my new house: 

That porch is calling my name

Isn’t this house great?  The porch, the huge windows, ahh! Bliss.

Source: via JoycePaul on Pinterest

It would be even more lovely as I would be able to hire a team of people to maintain my home. Groundskeeper, maid, cook, personal trainer. Yes. Personal Trainer. I know I would probably eat myself into a new dress size so I would have Dolvett on call to keep me on track.

Thank you sir. I’ll have another!

Of course take care of the family, especially my mom. She took care of me all those years ago as I wallowed in misery and it would be my pleasure to keep her comfy and content on the warm tropical island of her choice.


The kids, The Bee, Pop, Dill and Arboo, wouldn’t have to worry about a thing either. I would totally pay for a lifetime of learning and whatever else they needed to get them to adulthood.

Higher Learning for all

My Lil would have all of the FreshPet she could eat. My sister calls her a football belly and Lil would make it so.

Yes. She would be a football belly!

I would totally open up a Publishing House. There is one that I really like, Lee and Low. They focus on diversity but they can’t do it alone. I would give a voice to all of those aspiring authors.

Effin Guy would have an effin chain of Effin Comics. (See what I did there?) This is not his store but I think this shop looks cool:

Fanboys and Geekgirls unite!

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

My library would want for nothing. Lansdowne has been good to me and I would want to do them a solid. I would make an offer the properties next to me couldn’t refuse and go to town expanding parking, space and everything needed to make the library a destination for families, a space for meeting the needs of our community and supporting everyone who loves books and learning.

To the local shelter. Working in a library has shown me that there are people from all walks of life and boy do they need help!

To Gift of Life. They were able to give my aunt a kidney and my mom and uncle are still waiting. I don’t think my gift would move them up on the list but it could at least make those waiting more comfortable.

Davita Dialysis Center. These people are taking care of my people. Plus I like the little lunch boxes. 

The Bee’s school. I’m conflicted as she goes to a Catholic school and, well, sigh. The school has done right by us so there would be a scholarship fund set up in her name for new students. I would also take care of her old school, especially her Pre-K teacher. This was the woman who made The Bee love school and eased my worried mom fears.

The Girl Scouts. They are more than cookies and crafts and a little funding would help girls who are otherwise unable to join up.

Where my cookies?

And of course all of the yarn and hooks and needles and notions I could buy. Scarves for everyone!

I love yarn! It’s swell!

It’s so fun to think about this crazy money! What would YOU do if you won?

Good luck all!


I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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