Friday Favorites: Belly Busters

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In less than a week its Turkey Day! I am totally not ready but I have found some great recipe inspiration  from my favorite site. The Bee and I are invited to Leaky’s house and we are in charge of desserts. Of course some things The Bee can’t eat but I can dream (and drool!).

Chocolate muffins.
Uh, yum!
These look totally decadent and rich and even if we don’t make them for Thanksgiving they will be making an appearance at some point.

This chocolate chip cookie dough dip looks yummy! Cream cheese…butter…chocolate? Yes please!
This is another The Bee won’t be able to enjoy however I did find dairy and gluten free brownies.

Source: via Cara on Pinterest

The Bee loves brownies and made a special request for these. We have been using box mixes but I wanted to make something that I knew was dairy free for sure. The recipes sounds delicious and I think we are up for the task.

My people love playing cards and I thought these would be perfect snacks as a game of spades or Texas Hold ‘Em were played. I can’t lie; I think I am partial to the icing and this seems a bit ambitious so I may reserve this for later in December.

I thought I should include some fruit for desserts and this seems to fit the bill. I’m sure most of the fruit is out of season and even if I do find it at the market I’ll be paying extra but this looks too yummy to skimp. We could probably substitute some other fruit but honestly I cannot think of what!

And because I have to let my geek flag high aren’t these the cutest? Again, this may be a bit ambitious for me and I may have to save it for another time but I thought this was too cute. I am still planning my Star Trek marathon. Yes, I will sit long and prosper.

So now it’s off to the market and I’m getting ready for baking!
What are you holiday plans? Are you making anything drool worthy?
Shamelessly eating cake batter,


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