Between the Covers: Explosive Eighteen

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Trenton’s most famous bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is back and once again she is caught up in a plot of mystery, murder and shenanigans. This new book bring me back to mind vintage Stephanie, she’s caught between two hot guys, wacky interactions with former ‘ho turned file clerk Lula and other characters who are fun and funny.

The book does follow standard Plum fare but unlike the last few books this one I actually wanted to finish up. The last few Plum novels were kind of boring and I thought I was done with the series. It seemed as if there is new life and I found myself laughing out loud several times as I read.

The book comes out next week and looks to be popular. There are over 100 holds on it in my library system!

There is also a movie coming out starring Katherine Heigl. I’m not feeling her as Stephanie but perhaps she will surprise us all.

I introduced this series to my mom and maybe we will check out the movie. Maybe.

Drooling about Ranger and Morelli,


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