Four Can’t Miss Shows With #FiosPhilly

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When Fios became available in my area, my original intent for getting cable television was to be able to watch Law and Order. Gosh knows I have had my share of Briscoe, McCoy and co, watching as many eps as available. However, the people who create cable channels have yet to hear my pleas for a 24 hour Law & Order station so there are times when I have had to watch other programming.

What’s a gal to do?

She can either pout (which does not work…er a friend shared this), turn off the TV (psych!) or actually check out the other programming that is available on the other channels or on Demand.

Here is what you can’t miss.


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Image from Sundance TV

The Sundance channel’s Hap & Leonard was a the first show I caught. Lifelong best friends Hap (James Purefoy) and (Leonard) Michael Kenneth Williams, get caught up with Hap’s ex’s wife’s (Christina Hendricks, playing femme fatale to perfection) to score major cash. Throw in washed-up revolutionaries, psycho-killers, lost loot, and the fuzz, this show is part buddy caper, part noir, all great television. 

The first episode was a tad slow but stick with it. The show picks up and the short season (four of the six episodes have aired) is can’t miss watching.

Bonus…Hap and Leonard is based on a novel by Joe E Lansdale. Use my affiliate link to check out the books and get a copy to read when this season is over!


Comic Lovers Unite!

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Are you a Batman or Superman fan? Can’t decide? Verizon has you covered with a folder of DC Comics related viewing!

Click On Demand to view the folder of DC Comics movies. There is something for everyone…Lego DC,  cartoons, the original Superman and, Batman. Including my favorite Caped Crusader Val Kilmer.

Please note, there is a fee to rent or own these films or you can redeem your Verizon My Rewards Loyalty Points toward your purchase.

Geek out and check out the graphic novels. A friend recommended these titles.



Get Crafty!

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March is National craft month and there are a few days left to get hooked (see what I did there?)

Create TV’s Knit and Crochet Now is brought to you by the editors of the magazines Creative KnittingCrochet! and Creative Knitting. Join host Brett Bara as she is joined by top crafters to share ideas to level up your crafting skills and to add some flair to your wardrobe.

This show airs twice a day and caters to both knitters and crocheters. To find the station in your viewing area, visit Annie’s Craft Store. Register for free to get access to all of the patterns seen on the show and get ready to create!


Revisit the past

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Photo from Verizon:

During a commercial for The People vs OJ Simpson The Bee asked me if I watched the show. “It’s good!”

When I posted our exchange on Facebook, her opinion was seconded by a few friends who told me that I needed to check this show out. One of my Fios team members even wrote a post about her obsession!

I have not felt compelled to revisit this moment in history. The OJ case and subsequent not guilty verdict opened up so many channels to discuss domestic abuse, rich privilege and race. However, this case also opened the way to The Kardashians (yup, I am being a judgy person) and a whole bunch of other reality TV nonsense that both mesmerizes and repulses me.

There are scores of books to go with this show and you can use my affiliate link to check out the selection.


Tell me…until that 24 hour Law & Order channel comes to fruition (crosses fingers) what else should  be on my radar?

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