Five Knitting Patterns I’m Digging This Fall

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I NEVER thought I would be that person sneaking bags of yarn into the house yet here I am. I am not blaming my local yarn store but since I have been taking a class there, I find myself being pulled towards the siren song of the skeins of yarn hanging on the wall. They just look so lonely hanging on the wall and in their cubbies that I have to take them home!

I had promised myself that I would work through my stash but lately I have not been feeling myself. While I do not think that I am pushing myself too hard, my body has some other ideas so I have been spending time nursing achy body parts and hoping the finger cramps will pass. While I wait for the return to normalish, I have been adding way too many things to my Revelry queue, browsing books that I borrowed from the library and scrolling through Pinterest for ideas.

Here are five patterns that I am working on this October

  1. The Azel Cowl from The Velvet Acorn
    A friend asked me to make her this sweater and I decided that yes I should! I got some Plymouth Encore Mega in black and bought the pattern and cast on.I am really digging Plymouth yarn! It knits up really nicely and does not pill up as I work it.

    Five Knitting Patterns I'm Digging This Fall

  2. The Beth from Hip Knit Hats.
    Of course it’s a hat! I am going to put it out in the universe…a couple of friends and I are trying to get a table at a local craft show so I am banging out as many pieces as I can!I love this hat. It’s simple enough to work up quickly when I get my procraftination on but enough of a challenge to make it look like I am doing a thing. I am using Lion Brand Yarn’s Wool Ease and it’s working up soft and fluffy!

    Five Knitting Patterns I'm Digging This Fall Five Knitting Patterns I'm Digging This Fall

  3. Boot Toppers
    So this is one of those things that have been in my stash forever! The Holiday Crafternoon Boot Topper by Amy of Mom Advice has been in my stash for a while. I want to make boot toppers but there is some block on my part for some reason. This kit has everything…the yarn, the needles, the darning needle, the instructions! A kit ready to go!
    Five Knitting Patterns I'm Digging This Fall
  4. Socks!
    Several people I follow on Instagram are participating in Socktober, in which they are making socks all month-long. In the sock class that I am taking at Finely the Knitting Corner we are using size four needles and a worsted weight yarn to work up our socks. I am trying to patiently going through the lessons so that I can work up some socks. My friend Leigh Ann set me up with a Christmas stocking kit that I feel confident to be able to use now. I do feel quite ambitious…errbody may be getting socks for gifts!Check it…Kathy is a wonderful instructor! If you are ever wanting to learn to knit, she will set you straight!
  5. Arm knitting
    This is prep for a program that I want to do for work. I tried this before and was able to make a scarf in under an hour. I would LOVE to do this before the holidays, this way the people participating could have a gift to share if needed but I may wait until after the holidays, a cozy crafternoon type of thing.I borrowed some books from the Library to do some research. The Bee is trying to learn for school so it’s nice to do a thing together.I am excited about both Arm Knitting by Amanda Bassetti and The Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting: Learn to Knit with more than 30 Cool, Easy Patterns by Nancy Queen and Mary Ellen O’Connell. I am really hopeful that we can get this program going and make cozy things happen!

    Five Knitting Patterns I'm Digging This Fall

I am taking it a little easy this month. Between the return of programs at work, trying to get my body to stop acting a fool and Fall things at home I realized that I DO NOT Have to do all of the things. A few quality FINISHED projects means more than having WIPs all over the place (although I totes reserve the right to have WIPs because me!).

What are you crafty (and maybe not so crafty!) people working on this Fall?
I’ll share my projects on Instagram (I’m on there as @sayitrahshay) and want to see yours!

Have fun crafting!


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  1. brandidcrawfordgmailcom says:

    I’m in love with those boot cuffs! I really like all of these styles. So perfect for fall.

  2. These are really awesome. My mom loves to knit but I never learned. I love watching her knit t though.

  3. I wish I knew how to knit because I love all those yarns. I’m going to share this with my mom – the knitter in the family – and ask her to make me those boot cuffs! 🙂

  4. Jamie Reed says:

    Such fun projects! I love the hats and those boot cuffs are so cute too! I hope they turn out great!

  5. I haven’t ever seen boot toppers before. Those are cute. I hope you have fun making some projects.

  6. Knitting is something that I’ve longed to have learned for many years! Not only can you make pretty cool thing sleek the ones you’ve mentioned but I’ve also heard it calming in its own way.

    1. Rachee says:

      It’s the best relaxing thing! Especially when the pattern is an easy one.

  7. Nikki says:

    So fun and snuggly! My friend tried to teach me and gave up. I’ve never seen her so frustrated hahaha

    1. Rachee says:

      Teaching is hard but learning is so rewarding. (Yes. I am
      That person!)

  8. If I could knit, I’d make myself some of those boot cuffs. They’re so cute!

    Louise x

  9. reesann723 says:

    I would do anything to know how to knit! I am so jealous of those who can, like you!

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