Five for Friday

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(In my Grover voice) Helloooooooooooooo Everybodeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Happy Friday Friends!

This week you won’t find me quite as whiny, whiny, boo, boo but I am exhausted! In a good way. This week found me working both jobs, mom duty, girlfriend duty and playing catch up since the week was shortened (MLK Day).

Shall we get going with random silly Rachee-centric things?

1. It’s Girl Scout Cookie time!
This is actually a shameless self promo but so what?
Seriously, Effin Guy is going to be hosting a cookie booth in his store on Saturday, February 2nd. More info to come but so far we kicked around discounts on books, a cookie tasting and giveaways (people like free, right?). The Bee is headed to a destination and all sales go towards her trip.

2. Have you heard about Mom Biz Mondays?
This is a Twitter chat I have been participating in and I really enjoy it.
Each week I feel so inspired to create, grow and learn. The ladies on the chat are so supportive, knowledgeable and they don’t mind sharing.

3. Reviews that are coming:
Barely There: I don’t feel the pressing need to rip my bra off when I get home at night (TMI-ish)
Rose Romano’s: No more boring pasta!
Virtual Piggy Bank: The Bee gets her money straight

4. Pole Dancing in the library.
Not mine although this may be a future programming idea….

5. I have not been to the gym (hence the silence on my other blog).
From the blog James and Jax here are some tips for beginners.
I suppose just getting out there is a good place to start but, you know, like…I’ve got nothing for you.

Anywhosit…Happy Friday, cue Rebecca Black and what are you cool cats purring about (see what I did there?)



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