February Goals

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Another month has flown by and I am just getting around to updating this blog. I won’t even play the usual game of why and how and some other excuses. Just know that I’m still not looking better naked and out of breath to boot.

Now then.
I’ve decided to make some more goals. January I was supposed to hit the track but it was so freaking cold that I decided to stay in and work on my insulation. But I’m jumping back on that horse for February.



My trip to the Become Yoga studio in December darn neared maimed me but I am going to exercise my rights as a Fagg woman and that right includes being a hard head. I have been peeping at the schedule for them and Studio 34 in University City. As a new student I will be able to take advantage of the one price for unlimited classes for the month and get a feel for what I really want to take. There is a part of me that is feeling a little reluctance about paying for classes. I do have a DVD that I got during the holidays that I can (and should be) doing at home plus my library has a few that I can borrow.  There is nothing like an instructor helping position you into the correct body placement.

Fab Ab Challenge
Now the challenge I found was from 2012 but so what. I can skip the Leap Day.
When I was doing my squats I felt really good and it wasn’t too much to handle. I stopped because, well because I did and found that I miss my little routine.
With this ab challenge I can have a little doable goal to reach towards each day.

Get to the Gym at Least Once a Week
I swear the fates don’t want me at the gym. Each time I’ve attempted to go I have been sabotaged, self or outside forces. Work, leaving a sneaker home, leaving clothes homes, something gets in my way!
I am making an appointment to get myself to the gym each Monday. This is the day when the kid is at her dad’s, I don’t have any conflicts and I can also had over with my guy.

Get New Sneakers
One thing or another allowed me to make excuses for not getting sneakers. A forgotten bill, piano lessons, whatever. I am determined to get a decent pair of sneakers and getting my butt back out there.
The store I plan to use is open after work, weekends and there are no excuses for me NOT to do it.

Go Soda Free.
I add this with reluctance.
I like soda.
A lot.
The idea of no Pepsi (I’ve finally forgiven them for that dumb Superbowl ad), no Stewart’s cream soda or no Mug Root Beer makes me sad. I need to be drinking more water and this can be my transition. Besides, I’m in training (sorta) and don’t need the empty calories.

Those are my goals for February.
What about you? Any goals? Challenges?
Let me know in the comments!
See you at the gym.


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  1. I like the fact that you are ignoring what happened in January and moving forward to attacking February with gusto of attitude.

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