#TBCCrafters: Fingerless Gloves Are Off the Hook!

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Welcome to another Thrilling Thursday with The Blogger Connection Crafters!
This week found me standing in the cold selling girl scout cookies and my hands paid the price! Wearing gloves, while smart, makes for a difficult time in trying to make change. It was not exactly freezing but I stood outside on one of the more blustery days. I wanted something to keep warm but also functional  Looking through patterns, I decided to make a pair of arm warmers/Fingerless gloves.

This is a pattern I have played around with and made up as I went along.

Arm Warmers/ Fingerless gloves:

Size J hook (of hook of your choice)
Worsted weight yarn (I used Deborah Norville’s Everyday Soft Worsted in Royal Blue)

Scraps of yarn for embellishment
Fabric glue

Chain 21 (This may change depending on the size of your wrist)

Join the chain with a slip stitch to form a ring being careful not to twist the ring.

Rows 1-12: Chain 2. Double crochet into each stitch (This will depend on how long you would like your gloves. I wanted mine to covers)

Row 13: Chain four. Skip three chains to create a thumb hole. Double crochet into remaining stitches.
(For the thumb hole I found three chains were just right for my thumb. Any smaller was a bit tight)

Row 14 Chain 2. Two double crochet into the hole for the thumb. Double crochet into each remaining stitch.

Rows 15-16: Double Crochet into each stitch

Fasten off

I will admit that I do not like weaving in ends. I had an issue with a project unraveling when I cut the extra yarn so I invested in a bottle of Fabric Fusion. A little drop will do!


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  1. Whitney says:

    I’m gonna have to invest in a bottle of that. Great investment, never heard of it before.

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