#SOCSunday: I’m in a good place

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I’m joining up with Jana for Stream of Consciousness Sunday and today I am happy to share that I am in a really good place. I have worries but for once I don’t have that nagging I can’t deal thought streak that likes to linger in my head.

Sometimes I worry that the other shoe is gonna drop if I share too much about the happy in life (I know, right…what a Debbie Downer!) but here are the thoughts running through my head that makes me feel like a Nina Simone song:

I have been feeling really enegetic since I have returned to the gym. I still have far to go but I am feeling stronger and like I can tackle anything,

I am going on vacation in two days. More of a staycation but so what. I am loving the idea of time off, hanging with The Bee, time away with Effin Guy.

I found my next goal. I am not ready to reveal but let me just tell you that it will be epic.

School will start up soon and I am so excited to register, I took this semester off but I am ready to rush back in and gets my learning on.

My house is a mess, my cat clawed my rug and the windows are drafty but I am still excited to have some people over for a spring time dinner thing (still in planning).

I lost my crojo but finished a knit scarf!

And with that, it’s time to head back to my book (another good place I’m in!)

r’s note about this video I found this on YouTube and really liked the this version. I do not own any of the rights to it.
Info from the owner, TamaraConnolly:  This was done for a motion graphics class in the SVA MFA Design program. The assignment was to create a music video using just type and typographic elements in black and white. The song choice was up to us. The professor was Gail Anderson

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