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The Bee is graduating from middle school this year and will be headed to high school in the fall.

Let me request a moment of silence for this statement before I continue.


Not only will my daughter be headed to high school in the fall, she will also be taking public transportation to and from school. Each day since she was three years old, The Bee has gotten a ride from either The Dad or myself with a school bus sponsored transportation here and there. Now she will not only be headed to a new school but there will be a brand new transportation method and I am feeling a tad bit in shock. My shock increased when I saw the price tag for her new school. It’s doable but we have to make some changes to some of the norms that we have grown accustomed to. The Bee and I had a chat about the cost of her school, the transportation to and from school and how there may be change in our home.

As we looked at our expenses and budget, we considered our mobile plan. We both have smart phones, which we love, but the plans we have can be a bit pricey. We have always had phones with a contract and never considered a prepaid phone but a friend hipped us to Walmart and their lowest priced unlimited plans. We headed to Walmant to learn what was available and look for phones that would keep us connected, save us some money for school and keep us in style.





Once we got to Walmart, we easily found the phone in the electronic section and waited as the clerk assisted another customer. The selection of phones available at Walmart are great. There really si something for every body and every wallet. Since we like smart phones and playing with apps, The Samsung Exhibit was best for us. As a person who has only ever had contracts I was unsure of what we needed to activate the phone. When the sales associate was available, she gave us an activation kit and told me that the phone could be activated online or with a simple phone call. A swipe of a debit card later and we were on our way.

Head to Walmart for Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

Great deals for the Samsung Galaxy


I was unable to activate the phone online and called the number in my activation kit to get things rolling. The representative who I spoke with was helpful and pleasant as she activated the phone, discussed the plans that are available and walked me through the Walmart Mobile website. Within two hours the phone was activated and my daughter was excited to give it a go.


Samsung Exhibit

We both had an opportunity to test our new roles when The Bee headed to a concert with her cousin. She took the new phone and used it to stay in touch with me while they danced and sang at an outdoor concert while I was home. This prepaid phone has a clear sound, great texting and it made me feel confident that her new commute and route to school will not be quite as frightening for either of us.


As a person who loves technology, I will say Walmart Family Mobile is a smart alternative. It’s relatively inexpensive and there are phones and pricing needs for each budget.


The new phone is a hit!





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  1. How exciting for your family…a high schooler! Yikes! I told my kids they could have a mobile phone when they either hit middle school or start participating in after school activities. Wal-mart looks like a great option!!

  2. Walmart has some pretty cool phones. I purchased my daughter first phone from them also and she too was entering high school!

  3. Aly Mashrah says:

    That's really cool. We liked using our Family Mobile phones, too!

  4. I need to check out these plans. I think it's time for my daughter to get a phone.

  5. Diane Emery Hoffmaster says:

    Now that I have teens staying connected can be tough…they are always on the go! Looks like some great technology!

  6. Danielle says:

    This is definitely a great price point for teens. And I wouldn’t worry as much about my kids breaking the phone at the price of the warranty they sell. #client

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