Fall For Easy Preschool Autumn Crafts with #TBCCrafters

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This week I had a grand plan for storytime at the library: I was going to add science to my regularly scheduled preschool storytime and explore fall. This plan didn’t work out as imagined but the kids who were present at storytime created some really cute and easy fall themed crafts.

To show how leaves change colors, we made small tree models. We used a tree template and colored construction paper and crayons to recreate. This craft was inspired by the book Investigating Why Leaves Change Their Color (Science Detectives)by Ellen Rene

The template for the tree can be found here on Clip Art Best.com.

We also made 3D apples. To create the apples we gathered:

      • Red paper which was cut into strips


      • Brown construction paper


      • Green ribbon


      • scissors (to cut the ribbon)


      • brads


      • hole puncher



Create a 3d apple craft using

Supplies for 3d apple

We used a paper cutter to make the red paper into strips and used the hole puncher to create holes in each end.    We used a brad to fasten off one end.

Easy fall crafts inspired by picture books

Where to add brads for a 3d apple

Cut ribbon to create stems. Using the brown paper we crumpled it to create the stem. Some children just attached it which was fine; I liked the crumpled look better.   Attach to one end of the apple, fan out the strips and your apple is complete.   One of the moms present made a smaller apple by punching holes at both end and again in the middle.

Alternative apple: smaller size using less strips

Smaller Apple


This craft was inspired by Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell and I Know it’s Autumn by Eileen Spinelli.


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  1. Jamie Johnson Tomkins says:

    Beautiful and fun for the kids to help with – I love that!! Pinned & Tweeted!

  2. Rachée Fagg says:

    Thanks Jamie! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love that they kids got involved and seemed to enjoy themselves! I think we'll have to make those apples this weekend, they are adorable. Thank you for linking up this week!

  4. That’s very cute. Great way to get the kids involved in some fun creativity.

  5. Maggie Chan says:

    This pumpkin is just beautiful and kids would love it.

  6. Dawn Pruitt says:

    Love this simple idea. Great for kids to make for friends and teachers!

  7. Dawn Pruitt says:

    Love this simple idea. Great for kids to make for friends and teachers!

  8. Oh they are too cute!! I am thinking about changing up the apple one to a pumpkin for Halloween 🙂

  9. Rose Powell says:

    These are adorable, I love that there is a story to with! Great for homeschooling too!

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