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It’s already Wednesday and I forgot to post what my meals plans for the week would be. Last week worked well. Having a plan for meals is pretty awesome and meant that The Bee and I were not eating junk or snacks instead of proper meals. This week I found myself with a bit of a cold and had no appetitie but I still want to get into the habit of a plan for the weeks ahead when homework and duties blow up.


I think I need to add a lunch plan as well. The Bee’s school has a meal plan and she usually buys lunch. Last week I found myself at a local diner for lunch and while I made sure to choose soups and salads for meals, if I am trying to save more money then I should pack and bring lunch with me.



Lunch Dinner
Monday No appetite Tea (Those colds are a beast!)
Tuesday Tuna salad Breakfast for Dinner
Wednesday Tea Soup: Chicken Noodle
Thursday Sandwich and veggies Fish and Chips
Friday Salad Pizza


Weekends are go for what you know; The Bee will be at her dad’s and I have a workshop.


Next week I am planning in making some recipes I found on other blogs. I love this recipe for Spicy Pineapple Chicken Nachos from Thien-Kim’s blog, I’m Not the Nanny. I added her easy to follow recipe on my shopping list and will have at.
I also plan to tackle soup. I want to find a dairy free potato soup (which The Bee will probably not eat) and a stock tomato soup to use the tomatoes we grew.

Tell me about your meal plans. I am jumping into meal prep and need some ideas!

Ready for munching,



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  1. Valerie Atlantamomofthree says:

    Sorry you've been sick. I have been fighting a cold this week too, but it hasn't affected my appetite, unfortunately! (I'm trying to lose weight – haha) 😛 Feel better!

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