Do the Dinosaur Stomp with the #TBCCrafters!

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Over the summer I commandeered an old book cart which I used to keep track of the books and materials for summer programs. I never quite gave it up and now use it to help me keep track of the books and things I need for upcoming programs or crafts at the library. The book cart sits next to my desk and I wanted to add some flare to it, I mean flare other than the note asking people not to take anything off of the cart. (I really am not a mean library chick but people would see my books and randomly pull them off and forget to put them back and then storytime would happen and I would not be prepared.)

Anywho, I found this adorable Build a Dinosaur craft from Little Family Fun. It also happens that Jane Yolen and Mark Teague have a new addition to their popular “How Do Dinosaurs” (the newest book is How Do Dinosaurs Say I’m Mad?”) series and a new station was born in t he library.


  • Foam pieces in different shapes OR
  • Foam sheets (needed to create the twenty shapes)
  • Magnets
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


If using foam pieces, find the shapes you need.

If using the sheet of foam cut out the following (these pieces were suggested from Little Family Fun)

  • 1 big half-circle
  • 1 medium triangle
  • 1 medium square
  • 1 medium circle
  • 3 small rectangles
  • 3 small long triangles
  • 3 small squares
  • 4 small triangles
  • 3 small circles

After gathering all of the pieces, glue a small magnet to the back of each piece.

Place on a metal surface and make your dinosaur!




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  1. Jamie says:

    This is adorable!! Pinned & Tweeted!!

  2. Very cute and subtle! Great way to spice up an area. Maybe it can also be used for kids to play with in a playroom or something!

  3. Dawn Pruitt says:

    Great idea! Fun way to interact! Pinned and Tweeted!

  4. Fun one to interact with the kids. And the dino is so adorable.

  5. Rose Powell says:

    What planet was I on when you posted this, how adorable! Love the bookasaurus!

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