Couch to 5K Week one prep

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Tomorrow morning I have a date with myself. I am going to get up and hit the gym to start Week One, Day one of Couch to 5K. I am making all of the arrangements that I need:
The Bee is with her dad (so I won’t feel nervous about her being home alone)
My sneakers and workout gear along with a change of clothes for work are in my car (this way I can’t worry about running out of time and being late…tee hee)
Will give Liliana all the attention I can tonight so I won’t feel bad for leaving her in the house (any excuse will do, it doesn’t have to be a good one!)
I have a new run playlist AND headphones for my iPod (yes, that has been an excuse in the pass about why I can’t run)

While trolling on Twitter a tweet caught my eye: three ladies were making plans to start a couch to 5k plan and what dates and times would work better for them to meet up. I hopped in on the conversation and asked if I could participate virtually and here I am. I feel like I’ve been down this road before and I can honestly say that I have but I am tired of feeling exhausted, hating that my waist line is growing and upset that I contemplated a larger size while shopping last week.

I don’t have any expectations that THIS time will be the TIME or that I will miraculously make great changes. I can say that I have been more forgiving of myself this time around and that I have opted to do some crunches or arm curls in lieu of just sitting while at home. I just know that my use it or lose it deadline for the gym was looming, it’s still way too cold and icy for me to get up and roam Clark Park or Penn Wood and see that thing above about my pants.

As far as nutrition:
I’ve been eating in the car but have mostly traded my sodas for water. I’ve been bad about the diary; too lazy to measure and log but have thought before I eat and actually prepared and brought lunch (yay!). I have not weighed myself this week but the urge to purchase a pair of sweats or the ubiquitous black leggings that seems to flaunt and hide a multitude of sins have been dangling in my peripheral vision.

Meh! Starting to get on my own nerves!
Check in tomorrow.


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