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After work last Friday The Bee, Dill and I headed over to the first First Friday hosted by Art Space Lansdowne just to see what it was all about and let me tell you, it was worth the trip! Thinking we would pop in and out we spent over an hour there making crafts, nibbling yummy refreshments provided by Provisions and just experiencing the wonderful and CLOSE art space that is available in our neighborhood.
When we arrived we were greeted by Jennifer Hoff the owner. She shared with us some upcoming classes and also took my request for a knitting class to heart. She spoke with The Bee and Dill and let them know that she was interested in hearing what they had to say and then off we went to explore.

The space is huge! Bright, colorful and frankly very unexpected. There were a variety of artists there sharing their work. Lansdowne has an Arts Festival every year but this event gave me a better appreciation for the craft!


Jennifer Hoff

 We ran into Liz Steele-Coats who is hosting a Girls Night Out Jewelry making class that I am considering signing up for. She showcased her beautiful jewelry and had an area where one could craft their own for a small price. I observed Liz helping a person make a pair of earrings and she was very patient as she walked the woman through the session.

More of her work

Make your own jewelry area

 I met photographer Maura Williams who takes brilliant photography. Seemingly benign objects popped right off of the photographs and history seemed to come alive in some of the shots she had of area landmarks.

Maura sharing her work with guests

The Bee and Dill were very interested in Marty von Rosenstiel’s make your own Valentine area. Using recycled material one could make a pop out card or do what The Bee and Dill choose: create heart shaped crayons.

Bonnie from Bonnie Wondergardens had beautiful flower creations that perfumed the room with such a sweet scent that I am aching for Spring. FYI: Bonnie also sells great herbs and me, with my sickly green thumb, has managed to plant, nurture and grow lavender and mint.

Bonnie showing some of her creations

Fran Gibson had a display of watercolors that were very pretty and soothing to look at. She had handmade cards that made me want to ditch my computer and hand write and post letters instead of sending e-mails.

Jewelry from Type O (-) Jewelry with Grace Caputo
I didn’t get a chance to chat with her.

I’m excited about this new Art Space Lansdowne. The Bee has been asking for classes and the logistics never seemed right. Now that this is in the area perhaps we all can do something to unleash our creativity. The residents of Lansdowne were excited too! The place was packed!

Art Space Lansdowne is located at 25 S. Lansdowne Ave., Lansdowne, PA 19050
For more information visit them online or call 484-466-6413 or email:

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    Thanks for including this write up on your blog.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for including this write up on your blog.

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