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r’s note: I am going to be oh so sleepy when I have to get up in four hours. Having a bout of insomnia and have decided to be productive with it.

So. The Bee has been asking for a hat like some of her classmates and . I told her if she could find one and wanted to buy it herself she was more than welcome. We did try a few stores but since January is the perfect time to put out Spring clothes* she left Justice and Target empty handed and a bit bummed. I shared a few links from Facebook friends and she suggested I contact a Facebook friend to buy one. Since I am cheap crafty I decided that I would make a hat for her and searched online, Ravelry and elsewhere for a pattern. The one I used is from Catie at Do Ah Diddy.

The pattern worked up quickly. I found that I had to use an ‘I’ hook instead of the ‘G’ she recommends. Instead of buttons for eyes I used black yarn (of all of the odds anf ends we have in the house, buttons couldn’t be found) and I also skipped the red at the top as per The Bee’s request and added an extra row.

Here is a picture of moi modeling. Will add The Bee to the sidebar in the morning,

It needs ear flaps!

Happily hooking,

Addendum: This morning I heard a squeal and then The Bee ran into the kitchen modeling her hat. She then asked for earflaps.

With added earflaps and braids.
She slept in it and couldn’t wait to go to school
Also, every girl in her class is wearing some hat like this with ear flaps, pompoms and tatted looking animals atop their heads. Gah!
*Seriously! We went to the mall on January 8th and the bright pastels of Spring lined the shelves.

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  1. Melissa~ says:

    That is the cutest hat ever! And the spring in January thing drives me nuts too! Can we just please have winter for awhile??

    ♥ Melissa~
    Pink Paper Peppermints

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