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So, as much as I love it when people comment and check out my blog, I’m kinda torn about this post. You see, ChiNoKi is running an awesome contest and they are giving away not one, not two but THREE iPads as well as gift cards, one of them $4000 (the other two are each for $500)! I really, really, really want to win. But I spoke with Matt Balin from ChiNoKi who was all like, “Come on! Share the good word!” and his Facebook profile picture is of a very sweet baby and you all know that I am a sucker for babies (especially if they belong to other people and especially if they are dressed as pumpkins) and well, here goes:

If you are like me, you get daily deals from a variety of places sort of near where you live, but not really, but you check them out anyways because maybe, just maybe you are going to be in (insert name of place that’s just a hair too far) and will use that deal. With ChiNoKi, you get to sign up for text messages to receive deals and savings from the businesses that you want.

From the ChiNoKi website: Chinoki is an SMS service that allows you to gain access to exclusive deals and savings from businesses you WANT to hear from.  At Chinoki you Cherry Pick retailers, restaurants, entertainment venues, national brands and more that YOU want to know more about. The control is all in your hands.

Cool right?
Well that’s not all!
Now through December 16th you can enter to win one of three prizes
Grand Prize: $4000 gift card and an Apple iPad2
2nd Prize: $500 gift card and an Apple iPad2
3rd Prize: $500 gift card and an Apple iPad2

You had me at iPad2! And cash. You know how much yarn I can get with $4000?

So check out Chinoki online and sign up for the service, like them on Facebook and enter the contest.

And if any of my lucky readers win you’ll hook me up right?

Cherry picking my deals,

r’s note: I was contacted by ChiNoKi and asked to write this post but was not compensated nor do I get any advantage in the contest. Although Matt, if you’re reading, feel free to hook me up with an iPad.


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