Child, Please!

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Ok I lied. I was all set to hit the sack but had to do my Twitter troll (don’t ask) and came across a tweet from Northwest Mommy and remembered that I wanted to participate in her Monday blog hop, Monday Listicles

So, here it goes:
The prompt for today is 10 Things that Make You Go Hmmm. This topic was suggested by Erin and Ellen from the Sensible Moms

So. Things that make me go, Child, Please.

1. Ten Weeks off for summer vacation. 
Sure I enjoyed long lazy summers as a kid but come on, why are our children, who supposedly are all being left behind (education, not rapture wise) being given ten-eleven weeks of doing nothing? That said:

2. Why does a good quality camp cost so much damn money? Seriously, I looked into a camp for my kid and it was a science camp that I thought she would get a kick out of. It was $360. Per week. And if I needed, I could pay for before and after care. 

3.Speaking of kid, what the heck is up with her school having half days for the rest of the week? Really, other than ensuring I get to work on time (Hell, even early!) this week, I cannot see why we must pretend that the last few days of school are going to be something more than her and her classmates helping the teacher clean the class room for the rest of the year.

4. When did I get so old? Specifically, when did I stop hearing high pitched sounds? We were listening to something that sounded like cats yowling and The Bee was happily singing along. Four feline duets later I asked if we could put on another song. She was all, Mom! We heard like four songs. I called shenanigans, she said I was being extra and the rest of the ride was spent listening to Steve Inskeep (NPR).

5. How come old episodes of The Simpsons don’t come on TV anymore? I want to see some old Side Show Bob eps, more Patty and Selma, less sexy Simpsons.

6. Why do people litter? I swear, Wise potato chip bags dot my lawn, soda bottles decorate my front steps. Dudes! Use a trash can. That said, why do kids think the cleaning fairy is going to take care of the dishes, pick up shoes, put away stuff? My kid has no problem leaving a trail in her wake and then getting an attitude when I ask her to pick up. (I mean I’m no neat freak; while typing I can easily spot a room full of hotspots but dang!)

7. Why do people with smelly diapers think its OK to wait to change them. It never is! You will not miss a thing if you take care of that bomb.

8. Why do people think it’s appropriate to wear tight, ill fitting garments? I dig; there is a little more of me to love lately but really madam? You should have two boos, not four. (I can speak because I am a member of #teamchunk)

9. Why are people so inconsiderate? When did common manners, common courtesy and common sense become bad words? Today a little girl routinely called people names (Stupid was her go to) and when corrected she rolled her eyes. 

10. Why do I fight sleep? I should have gone to sleep about an hour ago but here I be, tip, tapping away.

Check out the other things that make people “Go Hmm” (click on the shoes above) or  share your own!
Now I’ve got that Crash Test Dummies song in my head. Which is better than C & C Music Factory I suppose.

Heading back to the 90’s,



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