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I’ve never watched Chocolate News but I have to admit I am going to be extra courteous until Wednesday.-r

Best Kid Ever!

I am still pretending that these blog posts are anonymous (lol) but in reality I am aware that everyone knows who I am as well semi-intimate details of my life. Here is my pride and joy, the best thing I have done, my Bumblebee! -r Disclaimer: I was asked to put this pic up! Special request by the Bee

I clean up sort of well!

This was taken last night at the Mocktail kickoff for work. Not a Great Gatsby fan although I do like The Double Bind.-r Addendum added 10/31: My 8 year old kid is reading Gatsby. She’s on page 16. She is enjoying it. WOW!

Why, oh why?

I really was on my way to bed when I thought I would mosey on through Dead Azz Wrong. I was doing fine when I got to the you tube clip of the day for October 30th.[shudder]I will have a nightmare for sure!I am not at all a fatist but d*mn! What fresh hell is that?I am going for a…

Thursday Tunes

A random iPod mix spun these tunes:She Hates Me (Puddle of Mudd )The Best is Yet to Come (Nancy Wilson)Baby Got Back (Sir Mix a Lot)Work It (Missy Elliott)Bo Diddley’s Moochas GraciasMusic Box (Regina Spektor)The Rolling Stones. No theme today. Just hit shuffle. -r

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