Conference Do’s and Don’ts Part 1

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Conference do’s and don’ts:

First, the do’s:

Do know where you are going.

The correct location of the building is essential in planning your day. And to not arriving late.

Do wear comfortable shoes.

Shoes found on the sales rack for a deep discount are located there for a reason. It’s hard to walk from exhibit to exhibit when each steps makes your feet feel as if they are being cobbled. Plus how can you get your swag if all you want to do is sit?

Do bring extra stuff to do.

The time between sessions may only be 45 minutes but that is a long darn time!

Do remember the name of the person you cut in front of.

Library types are real people and may be more wound up than the norm. They tend to snap and can tell you off six ways from Sunday with a snappier, more eloquent vocabulary. Also, now you have someone to chat with while standing in line and bum a piece of candy.

Now the don’ts:

Don’t make eye contact with the vendors all alone at their tables.

Unless you want to get sucked into a 10 minute presentation about book covers or the durability of furniture.

Don’t drink 4 cups of coffee without knowing how long the end of your session is AND where the big ladies room is.

Library types are quite adapt at holding it but then all going at the same time!

Don’t drink 4 cups of coffee AND eat the free chocolate.

I am not normally a person who gets affected by caffeine but free coffee + free chocolate = I need special medication.

Don’t forget to bring extra cards.

There is always someone with an idea that is ripe for liberally borrowing as well as an idea that is begging to be used and since everyone else feels the same way handouts go FAST!



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