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You’ve heard of dog shaming? Here is my Girlfriend shaming 1:


I really wanted to wait for Effin Guy to catch the last seven episodes of Breaking Bad but one day I thought I would just watch a teeny tiny part of an episode and the next thing I knew the whole episode played! I looked up again and TWO episodes passed! Well, compelled to finish (’cause I aint no quitter) I watched to the end.
I confess…I do love some good binge watching and Netflix has provided eleven titles to play catch up on the shows that EVERYBODY 2  has been talking about but you haven’t watched.
As a confessed television addict and binge watcher, I was a bit mollified to learn that I had only watched five of the eleven listed.

11 Netflix Titles for Mom’s Streaming Sanctuary

Titles you’ve heard about, but haven’t had time to watch:

FIN02 OITNB VerticalArt 1Sht Trim
Scandal SP LATAM 571x800
70180057 3336195
70202589 2768854
70143836 4177304
70157304 3358315

Sleeper hits you may have missed:

70136122 3895002
70245163 3962861
70253797 3377791
70175669 2525091
70267274 4132266


Over the long holiday weekend I plan to get a little Shameless and see what the hubbub is about. How about you? What shows do you binge watch?

Share you shows in the comments and let the world know you’re proud by clicking below and sharing a tweet.

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1 This blogger does not condone any type of girlfriend shaming although Effin Guy did tell me that I “sucked.”

2 Maybe no EVERYBODY but so many people on your Facebook Feed that you feel like it’s everybody. 

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  1. Nichole Stacy Gilleland says:

    I watch everything as a binge watch lol.. especially stuff like breaking bad (I cannot wait for better call saul) and any show that I can find! I have to have constant background noise when I am blogging which is like all the time. .even though tv is more distracting than radio! I also like gossip girl, sons of anarchy and pretty little liars most of all

  2. Tiffany Curtis says:

    Let me know when you watch pretty little liars lol.

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