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Dressed to kill is no mere saying when it comes to frenemies Shar and Meg! These two unwittingly become the newest sirens of the underworld when a fight over a pair of shoes causes them to accidentally kill an innocent bystander! Making a deal with Hades the two find themselves racing against time to complete their task and save themselves from Hell.

Charlotte and Natalie…NOT frenemies!

If you love Greek Mythology with a contemporary twist then check out Sirenz. This is the debut book from best friends Charlotte and Natalie and is a fast and funny read. The shenanigans of Neg and Shar will have you laughing out loud as they try to collect on a contract of a person who made a deal with the devil. The chapters are alternatively written from the point of view of Shar and Meg, each bringing a unique point of view to the story.

This is the perfect book for the teen fashionista. Charlotte and Natalie share a lot about fashion in this book without it being overwhelming and I have to give them props for making a size ten shoe desirable. The details about style and clothes are not overwhelming and the description of a sample sale has me wanting to get to New York quick!

I had an opportunity to meet Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman late last summer and they are local ladies (tri-state area yo!). The sequel to Sirenz is due out next summer and looks to be just as much fun.

You can buy this book on Amazon, at your local independent book store or visit your local library.

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